How much does it weight?

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  1. Ok, I probably sound really silly asking this question and no one will probably bother. Recently the paddington has interested me again. I remember I tried it on my shoulder in December, and found it very heavy. Considering I have problematic back, shoulders and neck, and have been spending a lot on seeing the chiropractor:sad: , I have dropped this bag from my list. But now, it really appeals to me again. So does any one know how much it actually weights with the lock (because it's not the same without it)? Thanks in advance.:smile:

  2. I'm not sure about the actual weight, but I suffered from whiplash a while back and have always had problems with my upper back and shoulders. The problems have been mild, but they exist. I had a paddy and never had any problems carrying it :biggrin:
  3. So you longer have the paddy, Noriko? I have problems with my shoulders/neck/back to start with then whiplash on top of it after an accident on 04. It is unfortunately a problem for me to carry a relatively heavy bag.
  4. Well, I've only tested the baby paddy so far, but it didn't seem that heavy to me, especially after some of the comments I've read on here about the weight. And I know a little what you mean KK - I have neck/shoulder issues from too many years of carrying incredibly heavy school bags on only one shoulder.

  5. No, I got one with missing leather and a scratched lock:evil:
  6. It weighs 1,5kg that's what it said on my NAP invoice but it doesn't feel that heavy and I severe back, neck, schoulder problems. I love it!!
  7. 1.5kg? Thanks Tanja. I will try to stuff my bag to 1.5-2.5kg and see how I manage. Thanks gals!

    Missing leather, Noriko? You seem to have bad luck with bags like the Spy, no?
  8. weights 3.25 lbs with the lock. i weighed mine on a doctor's scale. lol.
  9. LOL That's classic :lol::lol::lol: I am sad there are no pictures.
  10. Thanks fayden, did they look at you funny at the clinic when you weighted your paddy? Was yours empty as well when you weighted it?
  11. yup it was empty. just the bag and the lock. and no there weren't any funny looks, i have one in my house!!!
  12. But it doesn't feel that heavy and you'll get used to it.
  13. You have a doctor's scale in your house? I thought you weighted it when you went to see the doctor, sorry.:nuts:

    Thanks you all again.
  14. yup i do, sorry about not clarifying! didn't realise. they are great to have. i weigh all my packages before shipping.