How Much Does It Hurt?

  1. There was another thread about Brazilian waxes and I didn't want to hijack it so I thought I'd start a new one!

    I've been considering getting this done lately but am scared it's going to kill so bad that I won't be able to finish it - and I'll end up with a half waxed....well you know...

    So I'm wondering how much does it really hurt??
  2. the first time or two is the most painful, i have only done it while using cream to numb the pain, so it was more fear than pain. if you can handle lip waxing you should do fine. again i have only doner this with numbing cream (i am a chicken)
  3. I agree with sfgirl67. Lip waxing hurts me a lot more than a brazilian, and I don't use a numbing cream. Waiting for the wax to be pulled off is more terrifying than when it actually happens.

    Be careful if you use a numbing cream though. If you use too much, to the point where you can barely feel anything, then you won't be able to tell if the wax is too hot.
  4. I forgot to add, a couple Advil or a glass of wine just before you go helps a lot!
  5. ^^ I feel the same way... but still want to have one done!
  6. I get brazilian waxes done every 7 weeks or so and it doesn't really hurt IMO. It hurt the first time I had it done, but even then, not that much. If you've had a regular bikini wax done before, that's the part that hurts, the areas you think would hurt more (the "brazilian" part of the wax), don't hurt at all, it's the side of the pantyline that hurts a tiny bit for me, that's all.

    As far as a stranger seeing your "goodies," they've seen some nasty, smelly people's goodies, so as long as you shower or use some baby wipes before you go, you have nothing to worry about! You wouldn't believe some of the people who go and get waxed! Some of them think it's okay to go to the gym and work up a sweat and not clean up a bit and go and get waxed. Gross!!
  7. the very first time i got it done, I was mortifiyed!! my palms were so sweaty waiting at the spa that I could have filled two cups of water!!

    the lady was very calming and experienced and assured me it wouldn't be that bad. there was also soothing music in the background.

    well it didnt help my nerves that not only did I have to strip down my pants AND underwear, but she also applied this HOT wax in my "area". lol

    well after she did the first pull, I expected to pass out and see stars. The pain wasn't that bad as it went away pretty quickly.

    Ironically it was more painful on the lower half of my body (below the stomach) then it was between my legs and buttocks.

    By the time I was done, it wasnt that bag. I was a little sore but it went away. I was so excited that I survived it. and I went back a month later.

    anybody in the DC, MD, VA metro area that wants a brazillian wax for the FIRST time, I can recommend to you.
  8. The first time for anyone I think it will be painful. After that, if you have a knowledgeable and experienced technician then you should be fine. My Brazilians are so painless now that while she does them, we talk about like weather and traveling and stuff :nuts:
  9. I've never done this before, but made an appt for a week from Saturday at the spa where I get facials. I've read in this thread and others that it's an every 6 or 7 week maintenance - how much regrowth do you have by the time you go back? And is the regrowth typically softer than it was before you waxed?

    Also, how short should the hair be when you go the first time? I'm assuming it needs to be 1/4 - 1/2 inch long to wax. I'd rather have everything trimmed than have to let the wax girl trim before she waxes!
  10. ^^If your hair is long enough to do a braid then CUT some of it off.

    you dont want to shave or cut too short, otherwise the wax won't get it off.

    your hair will return to normal (just not as bushy as before by the time you get your next appointment)

    but after awhile, you will probably notice that you are not as "bushy" down there if you grow it out.

    I havent gotten a brazillian in about 2 months (I know...eww) but the hair down there is not as bad as it use to when i didnt get it done.
  11. I feel like the hair grows back sparser, thinner and softer than before I used to get waxed. It's better if the hair is too long than too short when you go to get waxed.

    Going to an experienced person is so important. I'm sensitive to certain types of wax, so I've found that the blue wax works best for me, but not everyone knows how to use it because it's a bit more difficult to use (no strip is used to take the wax and hair off).

    I can recommend someone in the Atlanta area and the LA area if anyone needs a rec!
  12. IMO it really depends on the place you go to and the technician you get. My first brazilian was not painless but totally bearable, and I'd never been waxed anywhere before. The esthetitian used a special kind of wax (I think the same kind sarcal just mentioned, except it was a honey color, not blue), used baby powder to make sure my skin wouldn't get pulled up and got me a little involved at the beginning to take my mind off of it. It was great. I came away wishing I had the $$ to do it regularly.

    My second was at a different spa I a gift certificate for, and it was HORRID. The woman's theory was that the quicker she did it, the better it would be. She was careless and ended up having to do a lot more work because she didn't do things properly the first time around. It was so painful and I somehow ended up with bruises! Not pretty.

    So I guess just do your research and make sure you go to a good person and you will find that the few moments of not-very-excruciating pain are totally worth it. I can recommend someone in Chicago! :smile: And give you a really big warning about someone else in Chicago, lol.
  13. I also have a GREAT waxer around 20th and K if anyone needs one. It is a 5 min brazilian, cheap ($35) and pretty painless. I wish I could have taken her with me when I moved!

  14. Pure Torture!!:cursing: