How much does it cost to repair an old Speedy? The handle broke :(

  1. So my mother has an old, very well-loved Speedy that she bought in the late 80s. She pretty much used it non-stop for years, and she recently brought it out of retirement, but then one of the handles broke. The leather came unstitched on one side, if that makes any sense, so now it's completely separated from the metal ring.

    I was planning on stopping by the LV store in the Beverly Center tomorrow - how much would they charge to fix it, if they even do repairs? And if anyone's done this before, how long would it take?

    Getting a new one would probably just be best, but she's pretty attached to the one she has.... :smile:

    Thanks for your help!
  2. If it's just that the stitching has come undone, it doesn't sound like something that should cost too much!
  3. The wont charge you more than $150 if you want to get all the handles leather replaced except for the made in stamp, but they send it out so your mom will be bagless for a bit....
  4. Oh sorry to hear that I'm in the same boat only one of my 30's pull tag is broken.

    Let us see before and after pics if you don't mind.
  5. should cost around 150-200.