How much does it cost to have all leather trim replaced on a monogram neverfull mm?


Jun 15, 2006
I am looking at a preloved neverfull mm, i love the interior color which is no longer available new at boutique. So I want to see how much would it be to replace the leather on the bag if it has water spots and has darken in some areas.

Just need a cost estimate and how long it takes.

Thank you


Feb 26, 2013
last time i checked it was around $540 in the US
Yep, that sounds about right. I had ALL of the trim, side ties, everything replaced on my NF MM in Azur. Such a bummer because the bag was only a couple of years old and in perfect condition inside and outside. However, I had used a PF member-recommended protectant on the handles and it darkened them and made the texture rough. In order to have patina that matched evenly on the bag, I chose to redo all of it. :shocked: So yes, somewhere in the area of $550 is what I remember paying.
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