how much does it cost to change a cc clasp lock

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  1. Gosh, I just scratch my cc clasp lock on a just few days old medium caviar. I was standing in front of a parking ticket machine, wanted to pay my ticket and there was this stupid women behind me, urging me to rush.... and then... ouch I accidentally let my bag fall down to the sidewalk :sad:

    does any of you know, how much it cost, to change the cc clasp lock on a medium caviar classic flap ?
    or any recommendation to get the scratches out?

    thanks in advance
  2. I just noticed my CC lock had some tarnishing of gold! The clasp part has turned silver ina spot and I was curious about this as well!
  3. doesn't Brasso or Silvo work?

  4. It is around AUD400 ++ to change to a new CC lock on a medium CF, not sure about other countries.
  5. Whats that??
  6. WOW, that sounds insane! I would have guessed $150 USD or so (I Have no idea).
  7. $110 USD, good luck!
  8. ouch, so much..... thanks you all for the Info
  9. thanks mitzdemeanor. Have you already used it ? I´m a little bit scared about color tarnishing. My bag has ghw