how much does it cost?? i wanna get one plz help

  1. hey everyone.

    i said i wouldnt buy a Balenciaga bag but God i tried... i just couldnt resist any more! :love:

    so please can anyone tell me how much do the lovely Balenciaga bags originally cost??
    this one in particular (not the color though)
    "Balenciaga City/Medium Classique bag "

    thank :shame: you
  2. The photo you show is of a fake, so if you want a real one, steer clear of that seller!
  3. Sowwie if I'm asking a silly question :shame: but what do you mean by prices are due to go up soon?

    What sorta price increase are we looking at, and how soon? :cry:
  4. Nymph - The city went up €900 to €945 here in Europe when the new season came out.
  5. Bags with price increases for F/W 2006:
    the work - 1385
    the twiggy - 1095
    the weekender -1495
    the courier - 1175
    the extra courier - 1250

    all other bags should remain the same
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