how much does it cost for professional cleaning?

  1. I won this bag on ebay, and while they disclosed that the lining was a mess, they didn't mention that the bag was dirty--all the white areas are brownish and just plain grimy. I've used some dish washing detergent and the dirt does come off but I want to get a pro to do it and ask the seller to refund me that amount of $. I plan to have the inside relined too at my own expense, I'd appreciate it if anyone has any experience with that and could share...
  2. I think it depends on how dirty the bag is, and how much of the surface area needs to be cleaned. I recently took a white bag in to be cleaned, and my bill was over $100. Mind you, this was not even to get the entire bag cleaned. I'm only having selected spots on the bag touched up. The price tag ended up being much higher than I expected. I should be picking my bag up within the next day or two (it took three weeks for the cleaner to do the job -- I guess they were backed up or something, because my bag was not much of a project).
  3. I had a similar experience as angst. It took around three weeks (although I had fair warning that it would take this long), it wasn't the entire bag, and it was around $85.