How much does contact lens fitting cost?

  1. My eyesight is fine, but I want to wear coloured contacts. I know you have to get them fit, so I was wondering how much the fitting cost, and what they do, so on so forth. I couldn't find any sort of concrete information about that online, but I could find a lot of information about the contacts themselves. I know the cost probably varies from optometrist to optometrist but i've heard anywhere from 60 to 150, which is a huge difference, so I want some more concrete prices.

    Thanks a lot everyone.
  2. My contact lenses fitting was 120. I wish I could tell you how it breaks down but I'm not sure if my receipt is here at my apartment or at my mom's house. When it's more reasonable hour, I'll go looking for it lol :smile:
  3. im in nyc...i've called around a few places (local shops, lenscrafteres, pearl vision) - they all quote me around $50-60 for the fitting alone. the eye exam is separate....but insurance generally covers the eye exam not the fitting.
  4. It cost me $80 for the exam and fitting when I go to Pearlevision. If you have AAA insurance, I believe you can get a discount too.
  5. Every time I go for an eye exam they charge a contact lens fitting fee and they do NOTHING! I hate it but what can you do?
  6. Lol they do nothing? That's just... great.

    Well I decided against them anyway... they said 'depending on how long you're in the room', so no wonder the prices are all wonky. I'm staring at $140 in the face, so I decided nah.

    Thanks everyone anyway.
  7. yep, for me, did nothing. I think the first time I got contacts they helped me learn how to put them in. But the most recent eye exam I had, I had to pay the fitting fee and all they did was give me an eye exam and a few boxes of contacts and that's it. It's a rip off if you ask me.
  8. Seriously, you shouldn't pay that. Protest next time and tell them you refuse to pay it since they have fitted you before. Why would they need to "fit" you each year?
  9. I wonder if I can avoid this by buying glasses then ordering contacts online. I've been wearing the same kind for years!
  10. I might be reading what you're saying wrong, but it's not the eyesight that they're fitting you for. It's the curve of your eyes and stuff, wearing the wrong fit and material for contacts will ruin your eyes.

    So getting glasses because of what your eyesight is isn't going to help with the contacts if I don't know my curvature and stuff.
  11. hmmm.i used to wear contacts but stopped and am considering starting again. i'll have to look into this!
  12. I used to work for an Optometrist in a vry swanky suburb of NYC, the cost for his fitting was anywhere from $100-$150 for distance or reading only (monovision).

    $200 and up for the bifocal contacts that they have now, which is basically like wearing a bifocal in a contact lens.. some brands are like Biomedics EP

    these prices are on the higher end, but that should be the extreme scale of the scope
  13. Last time I had to have a 'fitting' was 2006 when I changed brands and it was 50.00, otherwise I don't get charged a fitting fee, just the exam & lens fee most of which is covered by insurance.
  14. If I'm not mistaken, I did ask why I had to pay the fitting fee, and was just told I had to. I don't understand. I haven't been "fitted" since I first got contacts like 10 years ago.
  15. That seems so wrong. I know I've only been charged when I requested a brand change, so like 1x in about 8 years @ the same Dr. It must be Dr's discretion.