How much does Cartier Love Bangle weigh?

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  1. I know it is a bit of an odd question, but does anyone know how much the Cartier Love Bangle (no stones) weighs? I'd just like to get an idea of how much I am will be paying for the design/name. :P
  2. i don't know the exact weight/grams, but i'm sure if you go their website, they'll tell you.

    mine is pretty heavy and i have the one without the stones. just the classic rose gold. but they're solid gold, so they're pretty heavy and durable. but for the most part, you're paying for the name.
  3. Mine is one of the smaller sizes (16 or 17, I don't remember) and vintage. It weighs 28 grams
  4. Thank you!
  5. size 17 33 grams