How much does a Venetia weigh?

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Dec 5, 2006
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To all of you MJ experts:

I am very close to purchasing my first MJ and I am interested in the Venetia. Can anyone list the weight of the bag when empty? (kG or Lbs, i dont care)

I searched and searched through old threads and couldnt find the exact info I'm looking for. Please help! TIA :flowers:


Feb 5, 2007
New York
It depends. I have one soft calf lined in suede whish is heavier than the patchwork which is lined in linen (when I don't use the chain). I would say the first is about 2.5-3.5 lbs and the latter is 2 lbs. I love the venetia, it's a classic shape. let us know what you decide to get!
Mar 18, 2007
3 lbs without anything in it ? :wtf:
I carry mine almost everyday, and usually (at minimum) throw a 16oz bottle water + a zip clutch + a makeup bag + a set of keys + my cell phone in there. That must be atleast 5 lbs! I had no idea I was carrying that much weight around (and this does not include shopping bags )

I should be growing muscles with this :P


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Yup, that's a complaint I have with MJ's bags -- they are so gosh-darn heavy! It's the leather, and we all suffer for beauty, but I swear, my right forearm is bigger than my left, thanks to my Chili and Hudson! :P

Venetia's on my list, but I def prefer the patchwork so thank heavens it'll be lighter!