How much does a Venetia weigh?

  1. To all of you MJ experts:

    I am very close to purchasing my first MJ and I am interested in the Venetia. Can anyone list the weight of the bag when empty? (kG or Lbs, i dont care)

    I searched and searched through old threads and couldnt find the exact info I'm looking for. Please help! TIA :flowers:
  2. I would think about 3 lbs empty!!I have one but have not emptied it!! It is a devine bag and you do not notice the weight!!
  3. It depends. I have one soft calf lined in suede whish is heavier than the patchwork which is lined in linen (when I don't use the chain). I would say the first is about 2.5-3.5 lbs and the latter is 2 lbs. I love the venetia, it's a classic shape. let us know what you decide to get!
  4. According to my scale my olive Venetia (with suede interior) weighs approximately 2lb 14.6oz.
  5. Could you be more precise? Just kidding! I was going to guess 3 pounds, but you've beat me to the punch.
  6. Thanks ladies for sharing this info!! I'll have to reveal which bag I'm getting when I finally pick it up in December.
    groan...too long...:crybaby:
  7. 3 lbs without anything in it ? :wtf:
    I carry mine almost everyday, and usually (at minimum) throw a 16oz bottle water + a zip clutch + a makeup bag + a set of keys + my cell phone in there. That must be atleast 5 lbs! I had no idea I was carrying that much weight around (and this does not include shopping bags )

    I should be growing muscles with this :p
  8. Yup, that's a complaint I have with MJ's bags -- they are so gosh-darn heavy! It's the leather, and we all suffer for beauty, but I swear, my right forearm is bigger than my left, thanks to my Chili and Hudson! :p

    Venetia's on my list, but I def prefer the patchwork so thank heavens it'll be lighter!