how much does a speedy 30 hold?

  1. about 8 pillowcases. i just stuffed my azur speedy to get out the wrinkles. man, that bag holds more than i thought. i had to keep getting more pillowcases because i wanted it FULL. i think it was about 8, maybe one or two more or less. it looks fabulous though, i must say.

    just in case anyone wanted to know how much it holds. lol
  2. Lol, yeah the 30 is like a big black hole...^^
  3. LOL good to know!
  4. Good to know.
  5. lol........i tried it on, and i can fit my dog in there
  6. I know! I love my 30 because it holds so much...even though it doesnt look like it could. I usually go shopping with it basically empty, and then when it fills up, I know its time to stop :shame:
  7. i love that the 30 holds so much. i was dead set on the 25 but ended up getting the 30 and the first day i took it out i went to a market, camden market in london actually and i dnt know how i ended up ther with my LV. anyway, i could fit all of the little things i bought and my everyday things and my jacket in it! i couldnt believe it, it was full but still looked so good
  8. can it hold schoolbooks?
    with a sag?
  9. ^^yes it can easily. i can fit a file and textbooks,history of art textbooks are HUGE, in mine as well as all of the things i carry everyday
  10. My 25 holds a ton so I can only imagine how much a 30 holds.
  11. Wow! I'm always surprised when you guys talk about how much it can hold
  12. I used to have a mono speedy 30 (vintage, ended up giving it to my mom) and it was my go-to bag whenever I went out with my daughter. It contained my magazines, agenda, a huge makeup bag, my wallet, sunglasses, water bottle, as wells as my daughter's two Barbie dolls, bags of snacks, sippy cup, coloring books, box of crayons and sweatshirt...with plenty of room to spare!
  13. The 30 can hold alot. Including a Chihuahua with room to spare :p

  14. awww, so cute!!!
    I use two pieces of full size bed sheets to stuff my Azur speedy 30:yes:
  15. Yes, the speedy does hold a lot of things. I love my speedy 30.