How much does a small caviar classic retail for?

  1. Also, how practical is it? :shrugs: Thanks ladies! :flowers:
  2. I checked the Chanel reference library and couldn't find a price for it... :sad: Somebody please help me out. :shrugs:
  3. I believe it is $1050 for the small.

    The caviar classic flap is $1595.
  4. Opps...forgot to chime in on practicality. I just tried it on less than 45 minutes ago. I found it a little small. I went with the large flap. It's just a little bigger, but it felt more practicle.
  5. Thank you for enlightening me. LOL. =)
  6. It's definitely not USD$1795 right?
  7. $1795 sounds like the price for a jumbo lambskin classic flap =)
  8. I believe tThe $1095 is the east-west right.
  9. i think small = 9" wide = is $1475
    medium/large = 10" = $1595
    east west/single flap = $1050
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