How much does a new City bag retail for?

  1. From BalNY?
  2. I don't shop there but I think it's $1195.
  3. That's correct. They also ship free...I'm in Toronto, so I assume they ship for free at LEAST throughout continental North America. This may be based on a minimum purchase - I'm not sure. If you call, you'll find that Kim, Terry and Daisy's (is that right???) names are popular on this forum. I deal with Kim and she's terrific! Dealt with Terry a little too and she's great also.
  4. it also depends on your hardware, if you get giant hardware, i think its 1595 pre-tax.
  5. Thanks everyone!
  6. Yes, its USD1195 (commonly from Bal NY store, AR)...but i know some other stores (different locations), their pricing can be higher, not talkin abt other onlines as well........:smile:
  7. I saw White GH City for $1800ish at my NM
  8. It's most expensive in Singapore.. don't go near there!