How Much Do Your Friends Know About Your Sex Life ?

  1. How much do your friends know about your sex life ?

    Do you think single people share more about their sex lives, as opposed to married couples ?

    My take on this, Is, I dont talk about my sex life with friends anymore. including the friends I had before I got married.
  2. i never say anything about mine!
  3. I don't talk about my sex life except with the person I am having sex with. I do get amazed when I see people on internet forums doing it though. Maybe its the anonymity?
  4. Once you are married, there is really nothing to talk about :roflmfao:.

    Kidding of course... but in college we would share funny awful hook up stories.

    Other than that, any information about anyone's sex life is TMI!!
  5. :roflmfao: I don't talk about mine at all. My single friends talk to me about theirs, and I used to talk about mine when I was single.
  6. I remember reading something about this and most people feel protective about their DH/SO and so they reveal very little/nothing about their sex life.
  7. There is nothing to talk about anymore, so I don't. When I was single, it was more interesting. My single friends aren't getting any right now for some reason so no amusing stories at the moment.

  8. Ain't it the truth? :tup:

    You have to wonder why that is. Maybe the reality of seeing your spouse naked in the non-literal sense it a bit much for all of us. Would anyone's spouse do the sort of things at home that they would NEVER do in front of someone other than their spouse? I won't cite details for fear of TMI (I too will not rat out my DH!), but you get the idea.

    Or as they say "The mystery is gone!"
  9. Yeah, now I don't really say anything. In college the hook-up stories where funny, though!
  10. I don't now and never really did. I never figured it was anyone's business.
  11. I don't talk about my sex life with anyone. I don't want people getting jealous and trying to jump my SO's bones!:p
  12. Nope.... the only thing I shared was that I wasn't having any... LOL... and then only that I was...and only to my closest friends.... other than that... it was no one's bees wax! :shame:
  13. I don't really talk much about my sex life with friends. however, I think they all know I don't have a sex life since I don't have a man! So I guess right now they know a lot.
  14. there are people that i talk about it with fairly freely, and i don't mind if my friends talk about theirs around me. i've always sort of been the person that my friends look to for sexual advice (probably because i'm very nonjudgmental about most sexual things), and this has been going on for years, so i've more or less gotten used to it.
  15. I don't talk too much about my sex life, unless a close friend is having a problem with her SO, and I'll talk a bit about it to "relate".