How Much Do Your Clothes or Bags Define Who You Are ?

  1. How Do You Define Who You Are ?

    Education, Money, Life's Experiences, Career, Marriage, etc.....

    Do you buy clothing to fit your body and not your personality ? or both ?

    Ladies & Gentlemen your comments and views would be greatly appreciated.
  2. I, define who I am and I buy clothes that fit my body or enhance it.
  3. My clothes definetely say Im very laid back, and not flashy. Lots of jeans and t-s. But my bags say "aww, now I see where all her money goes!" LOL
  4. My clothes doesn't define me at all. None of the clothes I want to wear fits me, so I have just given up and wear cheap sweat pants which I hate and tank tops, but I've started to exercise as I feel like I'm trapped in a body that isn't mine and that I can't express myself trough clothing.
  5. They don't really. Most of the people in my circles are oblivious to designers and don't really know what I'm wearing, other than that I have a fairly "non-corporate" look and like to dress up.
  6. I think clothes can often scream volumes... more about who you think you are than what you actually are.

    Editted because I realize that could sound catty when I don't mean it to. I mean, most people are pretty accurate about knowing themselves. If somebody is wearing those preppy khaki shorts with tennis racquets embroidered all over, you can bet tennis is probably a hobby. If she's wearing a pert ponytail with a ribbon tied into a bow and a navy blue polo, she might conceive of herself as part of prep-school culture. There's corporate casual, corporate luxury, and just the type of suit one wears (Brooks Brothers or Dolce & Gabbana) can indicate what industy one is in.
  7. I think if anything defines who you are, it is your actions. Life is about the decisions made and actions you take moreso than anything else.

    I agree with Intlset about clothes and how people try to use them to define who they are. It's all phlooie to me, but that doesn't mean that I don't like to dress well either.
  8. I define myself through my education and my passions, those are the only ones that can draw me a profile.
    I like to wear clothes that fit my body and match my personality, but I don't always manage to do that, lately I've been wearing only pink shoes and that really doesn't define me:weird:
  9. I think I may have misinterpreted the question. I thought the question was about the way we may or may not gain our self-identity from the clothes and accessories that we had and that's why I said not much because my sense of myself comes from other things--not those. If, however, the question is about signage and symbols--well, then--yes--a whole lot. I very deliberately chose to dress a certain way and I'm in a field in which I don't have a lot of constraints, so that I'm able to express myself through my clothes and enjoy doing so. My look is largely a boho look, although I also enjoy a leather and lace thing and the mixture of elements from several different styles, textures, etc. And I love heels.
  10. I wear clothes that I don't have to follow a fad. I usualy have my own taste very basic yet put together classy. I usually have black in my wardrobe but I'm slowly getting some color. You can see me in laid back hoodie, t-shirt with old pair of jeans one day and the next I can be dressed up and you would be blown away. Clothes do say a lot about a person and every person is different in their own way.
  11. 1. not too sure how to answer the first question :shame:

    2. i buy clothes to fit my body and my personality :amuse: but i seriously wish i had a personal shopper because i have NO clothes that a really suitable for work... hehehehe! i'm always wearing jandals :shame:
  12. I have so many different types of bags and clothes because I have so many different sides to me. As a court reporter I need to dress in suits and carry a somewhat conservative bag. I also ride a motorcyle and have a Harley-Davidson handbag and clothes for biking. I ski in the winter months and have a wardrobe for that. I travel to the islands quite a bit so I have summer clothes and summer bags too. I also go out several times a year to black tie events. I have gowns and evening bags for those events. I guess you could say my clothes and bags define who I am no matter who I am on a particular day!
  13. I would say all the above, maybe alittle more career. My clothes, even though I'm a big woman (14-16), I manage to find clothes that define me....down to my shoes and handbags! I try to stay hip/instyle and at the same time stick to classics, alot of accessorizing. I wear alot of black and funky stuff, I can't help it....I'm from the Punkrock era! I've toned it down alot though, gettin' too old!
  14. For me, I think of clothing as just an outward extension of either my personality, my mood, or my level of caring for my attire at that moment!!!

    I'm a bit of a style chameleon (sp?), meaning I enjoy pulling off a variety of different looks within a given week. Sometimes I'll wear little victorias secret PINK shorts with a tank top and flip flops, sometimes I'll be dolled up in jean bermuda shorts, with a trendy top and cute accessories- sometimes I'll rock jeans and a band shirt, sometimes I'll wear a mini and a babydoll- its allll about how I'm feeling. I think it accuratly depicts who I am, because who I am is always changing, and evolving. :smile:

    as for handbags, I'm more limited in the ones I can purchase, but I'd like to think that they reflect the fact that I have good taste. = )

    annnd, I chose clothes for their style first- most things are fairly flattering on me, so I worry about that second. :smile:
  15. I definitely feel that clothes are an outward representation of who I am. I love clothes and they speak volumes about my personality. I think I've become more conservative in recent years, but clothes and bags have never actually defined me as a person. Rather, they are a statement of my mood, and my budget (lol).

    My favorite and most comfortable look is a pair of jeans, a really cute tight top, a pair of heels, and my LV purse. Other days I just throw on a sweater and old jeans and that's fine for me too. I'm pretty young so I would have to say that my education and life experiences are part of what define me, but not completely. Both have simply helped to shape who I am today. My culture is also part of what defines me. I could go on forever. I hope I'm making sense though.
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