How much do you want a Giant bag?

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  1. :wtf:I`m still thinking of getting another giant Balenciaga bag soon.
    Not so sure how popular those bags will be over the years and since they
    cost so much, I want to be sure it will be the best bag and color
    for a long time to come.

    Do you guys think I should buy another one, or save the money for
    a RH later on?
    How much do you guys like them and what color would you choose?

    Hope you can help me decide...:rolleyes:
  2. that's what getting 1 bal bag will do to you.. wanting another one..

    I'm not sure I understand your question since GH bags are more expensive than RH if you have the money why would you need to save up to buy a RH bag?

    I tihnk it's a personal preference

    I love love GH bags....
    and I'm definitely getting them this coming fall collection..

    If money is the issue and you can only have one bag I'd say wait till you find the perfect combination of color and HW that you can love for a long time~~
  3. Joanna, you are right on the money....