How much do you usually pay for Custom??

  1. Hi everyone,

    I was wondering whether anyone has had to pay customs on items that they have purchased from eBay. I'm looking to bid a Bbag (because the Balenciaga store in Singapore doesn't have the city size in green) on eBay, and was wondering whether they would charge me custom.. the bag is approx. 2000 singapore dollar... even more helpful if anyone is from singapore and has ordered bags online before and paid custom.. i was just wondering how much it would be (because if the custom is as crazy as Australia's, I might as well buy the bag in Singapore!)

    Anyone anyone? :yes:

  2. Hello groovyme ! :smile:

    I've just received a LV bag and Marc Jacobs pouch from a very nice lady from US. The parcel was sent with usd1.1k insurance (the exact value). The parcel was taxed in sgd and the exchange rate used by the custom is slightly higher than normal rate. And the shipping cost is included in the taxed amount as well, the tax rate is 5%.

    They will send you a notice/letter to inform you to go down to their office at Eunos to pay tax by producing the item's invoice. I received the letter from them 2 days after the item reached Singapore, the custom is quite efficient! ;)

    You can PM me if you have more queries! Good luck with your purchases!!
  3. ^^ Wow, that's pretty good. Better than Australia. We have to pay 5% customs tax on the bag, plus another 10% GST on the bag, shipping and customs tax! Talk about double dipping!
  4. thanks nocturne76!! :biggrin:
    and leanbeanee - yes i know, i've heard some horror stories of people getting their packages and having to pay a ridiculous amount of custom in australia, so i was thinking about ordering my bag while i'm still in singapore.. hehehe :graucho:
  5. wow, on a 1.1k usd bag, that's STILL alot of money!
  6. you are welcome groovyme !

    Wow, leanbeanee... 15% is really too much! I will really think twice to get a bag overseas if I've got to pay that much. Unfortunately, Singapore's GST is going to increase by 2% to 7% soon too. :s
  7. Leanbeanee, I must be so stupid. I have just bought a bag from the US and it will be insured for US$1000 and I didn't even think of the customs issue..Does it only apply if it is over a certain amount or is it for any amount, sau US $500? Do they do this on every single item or can you get lucky?
  8. Im from Sydney and I have bought two bbags, one was 1300 AUD and the other was 1500 AUD and I didn't pay customs for either of them. But I have heard that others have had to pay so I'm not sure why I didn't. Both of my bags came from the US and were shipped by USPS. Not sure if that helps at all but that has been my experience so far.
  9. Thanks for the reply Jennyo. My bag is coming USPS so I hope that I am lucky like you..
  10. Jennyo - Were your parcel sent as "gifts" ? My parcel was sent as "merchandise item" via UPSP, I've read some thread from the forum that if the item is declared as "gift", then it will not be taxed. But in this way, it will put the seller at risk if the item went missing or some dispute happened.

    Suzie - I think you have to check with your seller, hope you can get away with the tax! 15% tax is just too much!
  11. I recently received a £400 bag on eBay, I had to pay 17.5% customs charge which was like £70, I wasn't impressed lol
  12. suzie, keep me updated on whether you get taxed or not :biggrin: here's crossing my fingers that you wouldnt!
  13. Will do groovyme. Is there a difference if the bag is used though?? Don't we only pay GST on new items?
  14. I was just looking on the customs site for Australia and I'm pretty sure you only have to pay tax on items over $AU1000. I've bought a couple of bags from the US that have been around $300-500 AUD and have not been taxed.
  15. Yes shallot I just looked that up too on the website, butthe seller insured my bag for US$1000 so looks like I will be up for a couple of hundred bucks. Interesting though that Jenno's bags were both over a thousand and she didn't get charged, maybe they put hers down as a gift?