How much do you use your leopard print bag?

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  1. I was wondering after seeing the leopard print, if you think they are a good investment. I've never owned one but I like the Lanvin, as it's not so expensive and I think very feminine.

    Would appreciate your opinions, TIA.
  2. I like the leopard prints. I would go for the Lanvin... i am just too worried that it would be a fashion now and fade soon...
    i don't want to spend too much on them and then put it in my wardrobe...i decided to stick to the classic picks :smile:
  3. In my opinion, leopard print is a classic. It's been in fashion for a long time. It's more popular at certain times, but it always comes back in style. If you tend to wear a lot of neutral colors, such as black or brown, you'd probably get a lot of wear out of a leopard print bag.
  4. Totally agree! Leopard is a wardrobe classic!
  5. I like Lanvin too, but I have one happy in black leather about three years ago. I don't want to buy something similar again. I have been thinking to buy one leopard print bag for many years and I discover that the leopard print always come back in the winter, especially Dolce and Gabbana. They like to use the leopard print every year.
  6. the Lanvin is gorgeous IMO. i say go for it!
  7. I use one of my Leopard accessories quite frequently. I find it adds a nice bit of oomph to an outfit and I'm really felling the pattern with fall's rich jewel tones. I think a Leopard bag or scarf is a classic staple. I don't wear it every season but this fall so far I've pulled all my goodies out.
  8. I like Leopard Print... It is a sometime bag for me but I do use mine... I have the Coach version on it..

    I love the Valentino one also and will get it at some point...

    If you like the Lanvin it is really lovely buy it and enjoy...
  9. I love leopard print!! I use it a few times a month right now in the fall. I honestly just got a really cheap one because I wasn't sure how much I would carry it before I purchased it!!
  10. Thanks everyone - food for thought! I'm going to start with a Furla scarf in leopard I saw and work my way to the bag lol! :blush:
  11. you go girl :graucho:

    can u share some pix when u get it ;)
  12. Depends on the person I suppose. I have been into animal print for a long time - long before it was the hot new fashion trend.

    If you like the look and can see wearing it even if it is not the latest thing, I say go for it.

    If you just go with the seasonal /current fashion trends than buy inexpensively.
  13. DarkS, thanks for the encouragement! Will definitely post scarf pics soon. :blush:

    Bebepurse, good advice too, thank you.

    I'm going to use my black bag with the scarf until I can muster up some cash. :sweatdrop: Better put in some overtime!!

  14. Might try a run to Marshalls or TJMaxx and look what they have on animal print. Might find something in your budget to take for a test run to see how the print works out for you. I saw a larger genuine python ( yes, genuine - not embossed) shoulder bag at TJMaxx last week for $400 - Simply gorgeous.