How much do you tip your groomer?

  1. What is the standard etiquette for tipping a groomer? I always feel kind of akward not knowing what I should be tipping...?
  2. My dog groomer works in her own home so I don't leave her a tip. (I've noticed this is the protocol with her other clients too.) But for the holidays I give her a check for $100.

    For my cat groomer, who works in a salon, the usual bill is about $65 and I guess I leave about 10%. I don't know if this right or not so I am interested in other's opinions. She does an okay job, but is difficult to deal with --- really has a small, surly personality.
  3. We tip 15%. Our groomer does a wonderful job, and does not own the salon. I don't think a lot of people tip, judging by the reaction we got the first time we did!
  4. My min pin's groomer total is always $15 and I give her $20 - granted there isn't much to do to a min pin, but she always comes out looking lovely and smelling great - never a cut quick on the nail, always clean ears and teeth. And they always know who I am when I call for an appt and squeeze me in that day - I love my groomers!!!
  5. with my old groomer in Toronto, I usually tipped 10%. She was a friend and owned the place so I never paid tax. With Hong Kong..never. It's just not done here.
  6. I usually tip 15% and during the Holidays we give her a gift card or extra money in a card.
  7. My current dog groomer do housecalls and the price is around 100,000 rupiahs (around $12, cheap I know). I usually tip him and his assistant each of 10,000 rupiahs (10%). This is when it's only a quick groom. If it's a full groom (150,000 rupiahs), I usually tip double since my dog's hair is long and thick, and I know for a fact that he's difficult to deal with (always yapping, screaming for mommy and all that.. yea, he's a SPOILED dog and I'm to blame, LOL!).

    With my cats, I dont use groomer. I bathed them myself in the bathroom. Easy, just a grab a shower and spray them all. They're gonna be running and screaming around the bathroom, but they're easy to chase.