How Much Do You Think You Have Spent?


How Much Have You Spent

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  1. I was sitting here wondering how much I have spent on my Coach obession and thought I would put a poll up.

    These are the options in the poll:

    Also, how long have you been collecting?

    For me it has been almost a year. And I have spent in the $1000-3000.
  2. Uh oh. You're missing $500-$1,000. Quick, edit.
  3. less than a year...probably around $5000. :wtf:
  4. I would say about $600, going on 3 years, mostly shoes (the only things that I have broken my "never at full retail" rule for).
  5. I noticed that just as I posted and had to go back and edit :p Silly me!
  6. Wow!!! Do you have a pic of your stash on here!
  7. About a year and probably between $1500 and $2000. That sounds bad.
  8. 4 years. I've spent $400 myself and have received the others as gifts (about $700 worth)
  9. Somewhere near a thousand -- in four months.

    I'm so ashamed. :blush:

    Darn enablers. Lol.
  10. I've been collecting for about 6 months, and have probably spent less than $1,000, although, i'd rather not add it all up, because i'm scared it might be more than i think!
  11. 2 years at about $2200. $900 just on shoes alone :push:
  12. i don't have a group pic, no. but i have misc pictures around a massive shoe collection, lol. (and many of those i haven't posted because i've never worn them, lol)
  13. No ashamed....happy!

    Darn, we are enablers :roflmfao:

  14. It was hard for me to add it up too. I was very surprised but it wont stop me. May curb a little but I figure these are my treats to myself and I use them so what the heck.
  15. Enablers, where?:wtf: