How much do you think this will go up to?

  1. Yeah.... I'm thinking in between $10-12k... That bag is TDF... :biggrin:
  2. She has been trying to sell this bag forever. I'm happy she's at least going to get something for it. Maybe about 10?
  3. Yeah I'd go with 10..she definitely won't get retail for it.
    That's the one bad thing about selling a bag that sold for so much in the first's hard to find someone else who will appreciate it and realize what it's worth.
  4. yup...I think buying something like a Mirior Speedy might pay off more than say a Solid Gold clutch...*if you're buying to resell that is*
  5. :nuts:
  6. wow, i have never seen that bag before! interesting!
  7. up to $3,383.33 :lol:
  8. :PThat bag reminds me of the floor tiling at this monastery/winery I saw the last time we went wine tasting.
  9. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: ..OK my guess...$8,000+
  10. Don't like it........I think Fendi's trying to copy a similar design this season....(anyone seen the ads?....I must be talking to myself lol)
  11. Wow, I have never seen this one before. Too rich for my blood right now.
  12. Wow, $150 for shipping.
  13. Wow, no reserve, that is some risky business. I don't think it'll break 10k.
  14. :nuts:wow hope she didnt pay retail ([FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]This bag retails for over $20,000 retail from Louis Vuitton.) thats going to be a big cut in the wallet for her.
    Bag doesnt fancy me in the least, but i guess for some its worth that kind of money,