How much do you think this Croc jacket costs?


How much do you think this Hermes Croc jacket costs?

  1. Under $5,000

  2. $5,000-$10,000

  3. $10,001-$20,000

  4. $20,001-$30,000

  5. $30,001-$50,000

  6. $50,001-$100,000

  7. $100,000+

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  1. I know. :smartass: But I think it'll be more fun if everyone takes a guess on pricing this stunner! This bright red jacket from the F/W 2006 Collection was designed by Véronique Nichanian and stands out as the most expensive peice from that season.

    Any Guesses? Be sure to vote above and guess an exact number in your reply. I'll reveal the actual price in a few days. :angel:
  2. I'm guessing around $62K.:nuts:
  3. I'd like to know how much that guy costs!
  4. ^down, Lucy, Down!!!
  5. :lol: Oh yeah, I guess $60K+
  6. This is the same Jacket that's in the Madison ave store when you first come in the store, the one that HG and I were talking about,.... $68,000.00!!!!! ouch!!!
  7. That's the jacket? The guy sure looks good in it. It's not something I can pull off though ... Actually, I don't know any guys who can pull that off.

    Yeah, I wanna know how much the model is :nuts: :nuts: :nuts:
  8. you can take him home and make him your total slave if you take care of him and give him large sums of money everyday! Most likely he's gay, but I have nothing against the gay community and I would gladly bring him home and keep him in my basement (away from DH) and take advantage of him everyday!!!
  9. If he's gay, and got a cute boyfriend, even better. I mean, that's one pair of gorgeous Hermes eye candy:yes: They can model the uh ... bags everyday. Yeah, that's it!
  10. lol
  11. Actually I was in Hermès yesterday and I saw one IRL, it was black croc and the style was like a men's blazer, and it cost....84.000 euro!!!!:wtf:
  12. Well, if he's gay, we're going to get along really well. But yeah that's the $68,000 jacket.
  13. They make that jacket in women's style too, right?

  14. Kou, they told me you can special order it for women.
  15. Waaah! I was hoping you would say it cannot be done. It would look awesome in tight-fitting porosus croc jacket.:nuts: Hmm ... well, probably won't look good on me :Push:

    Such a gorgeous piece though.:flowers: