How much do you think a first edition Edith satchel in Whisky could fetch on ebay?

  1. It's been used only a handful of times and is in pristine condition. Not sure how much I should ask for though. I don't want to sell if I'm only going to get half of what I paid for it.
  2. I'm in the same boat with a totally unused one, that fell by the wayside when I got a large-sized Edith. I think you have to look at the "on sale" prices of the bag and expect less than your full investment. The hardcore Chloe fan might value the early Edith more, but not everybody, IMO. The good thing is that the Edith is ongoing. I decided to just keep mine.
  3. AlohaRag had then on sale for USD$506. Not sure how they differ from the earlier Edith bags. Given the sale prices, I don't think they will sell close to what you bought it for. :sad: It's a timeless bag and I doubt it will date. Might be worth just keeping it.
  4. The later Edith releases have had subpar leather, IMO. But doesn't that always seem the case with Chloe? You are lucky in that the whiskey was the most desired Edith color. I don't think you'll get anywhere close to retail (most designer bags that are personally sold now have this problem) but you might be able to bring 60% of its retail cost if it is in good unused condition.

    I love the Edith and personally think its a classic.
  5. not sure i would post it the price you would like to get, then add the best offer to see what people are willing to pay.
  6. you should post a piccy of it ;)