How much do you stuff your med. paddy?

  1. I don't know why I'm asking this, but I was "trying" to lift my bag, and I just asked myself, why the h--- is this thing sooooo heavy:cursing: ??? I know this bag is not a light bag to begin with, but wow....I nearly dislocated my shoulder today. (although, I'll ever stop wearing it:shame: )

    I started going through the contents, and there's nothing I can eliminate. I have my makeup brush roll, a small makeup bag, my small paddy wallet, 2 sets of keys (not too many keys all together, need all of them) my sidekick, blue tooth, and in the inside zipper I have some small hair clips, vitamin packets, mints, pill box and a jump drive.

    I was just wondering if there were any other chloe paddy gals who stuff their bag too....or maybe I just have a problem.:confused1:
  2. I do my life is in my bag. I carry everything too. your not the only one. Let's see I also have two sets of keys, a wallet, a clutch wallet, make-up bag, a huge sunglass case, my phone, car stereo case and my ipod. I know the bigger the more I stuff my bag. But I like being able to carry everything.
  3. I tend to fill up my bag because it can hold a lot of stuff. And I think it looks nicer with more stuff inside. ;)
  4. My bag is pretty full. A few more things and I would have needed the large.
  5. In mine i can fit...

    Filofax organiser - medium size
    Mobile phone
    Bunch of keys
    Large purse
    2 pairs of glasses in hard cases

    So, yeah, i guess i stuff mine out pretty well, too!:graucho:
  6. Okay, I guess I'm not the only one who stuffs their bag full. Like I said, I can't do without any of my stuff (or my paddy), so I'll just have to develop stronger shoulder and back muscles instead.
  7. ^ Or buy another so you can wear one on each can balance the weight out then, sort of like a pair of human scales.:graucho: ;)
  8. lol^ i only put my purse, keys, eyeshadow compact, lipgloss and a bottle of water in my bag i dont see the need for much else

  9. Now why can't I do that?????:confused1:

  10. Don't think I haven't thought of that!:nuts:
  11. I always stuff evey single purse I own. Even clutches.... I somehow "can't live without this eyeshadow/lip gloss/vitamin/stain remover packets" even if it's just for one night out!!! Terrible... In my bag right now I have my overstuffed wallet (lol- I even cram too much in that), cell phone, little pink satin make-up bag with a small eyeshadow palette, eyeliner, concealer, probably 4 kinds of lip gloss, ummm lets see what else.... oh! hand cream, little packets of Off! bug spray wipes left over from summer and prob. lots more,...
  12. I am such a serious minimalist :P I carry my cell phone, a continental size wallet, a lipstick and case, keys, and my sunglasses.

    And the darn thing is STILL heavy!! LOL :roflmfao:
  13. lip balm, lip gloss, benedryl cream, lotion, big checkbook wallet, ipod, two sets of keys, sunglasses, PDA cell phone.. :biguns: it sorta evens out because in the other hand, i have my gym clothes w/ a big ole bottle of water... LOLOL
  14. I have my wallet (it's wide but flat if that makes any sense), sunglass case, small hand lotion and, if it's that time of the month, a tampon case (lol) in the main part, some loose lipsticks and a mirror in the inside zip, set of keys in the back slip, and my cellphone in the front slip. Not that much but it still feels heavy to me, I'm a wuss.
  15. I carry my wallet, small make-up bag (pretty much lipstick/lipgloss only), blotting papers, cell phone and keys. That's pretty much it, so I tend to have a lot of room in my bag. I used to carry more but then I realized that I rarely touch up my make-up, other than lips. No need in really carrying anything else.

    I don't think you're carry an obscene amount of things at all. So I wouldn't worry about that! ;)
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