How much do you spend on personal maintenance/grooming monthly?

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  1. I just realized today afteer going through my statements how much money I spend monthly on keeping myself groomed and feminine looking, and its pretty sad! I'm sure its the same case with all the ladies but I cant help but feel a little bad about it.

    A normal month is pretty much $220 across the board. Three waxing sessions (every 10 days) is $90 (it would be more if I had money to kill and do my legs and bikini area) + $32 monthly on manicures (4 times a month, sometimes even 6! in a bad month...yikes), $35 on pedicure (every 2 weeks), and a monthly facial - $65.

    Some months if theres a party or something, I'll go get a blowout or some sort of hair treatment. And of course hair trims every 6 weeks.

    I know ladies who get acrylic nails every 10-12 days and thats more expensive than my manis, add to that they get hot oil hair treatments, monthly massages, go tanning. I can only imagine how much they're spending at the salon monthly!

    What about you ladies, how much do you spend to keep yourself looking well groomed and maintained? Are salon trips necessities in your life, or luxuries?

    In this tough economy, I think I should give up on something, cant figure out WHAT THOUGH! =( methinks the facials shall have to be every 45-60 days instead of the monthlies.... its burning a hole in my pocket :sad: I could be using that money toward something more useful than a nice glowing complexion *sigh*
  2. There have been a couple threads on this already. If you do a search you'll probably find a lot of info.
  3. Thanks for the reply, I searched and didnt find anything. Care to share links?
  4. Bi-weekly I spend: $10 = $8 eyebrow threading + $2 tip
    Once a month: $12-$15 on a pedicure

    I average around $35 or less. I used to get acrylics every two weeks and that was an extra $40 a month.
  5. SweestestDelight - have you tried epilating? It does the same thing as waxing and is equally (or less) painful. Unless you're having bikini waxes it would save you a lot of money.

    IMHO you'd be better off doing your own nails, keeping the pedis and the facials.
  6. I used to spend way too much per month on "beauty" maintenance.

    Weekly manis: $15 each
    Bi-weekly pedis: $20 each
    Monthly facials: $80
    Highlights/trim every 6-8 weeks: $300
    Peels @ the dermatologist 6-8 weeks: $150

    And probably other things I'm forgetting to mention. Many of my friends do all of the above mention PLUS:
    weekly blow-outs,
    weekly hair laser removal OR waxing,
    massages every few weeks
    spray tanning every few weeks
    hair extensions and the maintenance

    I personally am in savings mode and the economy freaks me out right now. I've begun doing my own mani/pedis and only get them done at the salon for occasions.

    I stopped with the peels at the derm altogether and get facials bi-monthly. I just tend to my skin more vigilantly at home.

    Only thing I haven't compromised on are my highlights/trim.
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    Woo! An area where píggy's expenses are reasonable and modest! Who would have thought . . . ? :biggrin:

    After the Cuticle Disaster of 2007, I refuse to set foot in a nail salon ever again, so I do my own nails & toes. No hair salons as I cut my own hair and I don't chemically process it; I don't really use much in the way of hair products either . . .

    I'm afraid of dermatologists, and my skin seems to be happiest with a policy of benign neglect anyway, so there's another expense category out the window . . .

    Biggest expenses would be skincare/anti-aging, but on a per-month basis skincare + cosmetics costs are definitely below $250. Amortizing the cost of my Tria laser over a good chunk of my lifetime is pretty negligible. Add in the occassional bottle of polish remover, cuticle cream, shampoo & conditioner every other month, and lotion, and I think I can still say I'm safely under $300/month, possibly $350/month at most (^(oo)^)

    Of course, if you include massages as personal maintenance, that number is going to be quite a bit higher . . . but I say massages go in the physical & mental health category (^(oo)~)
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    I don't get manis, pedis, fake nails, hair styling, waxing (used to do eyebrows but now they just don't grow in any more YAY!), dying my hair or any of that stuff...

    I get my hair cut once every six months or so, do my own nails and toenails, I shave or nair, give myself facials, etc. If I had money to blow I'd love to get the salon services but I don't, so... I don't!
  9. Piggy what happened in 2007? Did a manicurist massacred your hands? Some are very bad and will not admit it. I had several mishaps at salons (destroyed toe nails, ugly gel nails, bad hair cuts, broken veins on my face from facials etc). I started to learn doing a few things alone and I'm going to the salon for special occasions.

    Massage, acupuncture and reflexology sessions are in the health list for me as well ;).
  10. OMG it was a huge pigtastrophe! (/(oo)\)`

    I specifically told them, as always, NOT to trim my cuticles. I was with a friend, so as I was chatting with her, I didn't notice when they started trimming my cuticles . . . way to follow instructions huh? :lecture:

    By the time I noticed, they'd already done my left hand - my friend was sitting to my right, so when they started cutting on the right hand I finally noticed and was like WHAT are you doing to my cuticles with that . . . that . . . implement?!? :wtf:

    Starting from that day, my cuticles and fingertips of my entire left hand and my right thumb peeled CONTINUOUSLY, leaving my fingertips a dry, rough, raggedly MESS. It was super gross - I didn't want to hold hands with my bf or anything, I felt so un-feminine :crybaby:

    This literally lasted a WHOLE YEAR during which I tried a plethora of cuticle creams including:
    • sephora cuticle oil
    • sally hansen vitamin E oil
    • burt's bee's lemon butter cuticle creme
    • gold bond intensive healing creme
    • vaseline
    • bliss spa gloves
    • Qtica Intense Cuticle Repair
    none of it worked, and i resigned myself to a lifetime of management rather than repair, much like the girls who tell me "i used to have lovely soft hair like yours, but then one time i dyed/permed/bleached it and it was never the same afterwards" . . . .

    but then (oh happy blessing in disguise!!!) i left my little ziploc full of liquids at the airport security checkpoint and had to buy a bunch of new stuff at this little independent corner pharmacy in manhattan . . . one of the items i picked up was Thymes Essentials Cuticle Cream! My cuticles were good as new in less than 2 weeks - I'm still a faithful user to this day!! :yahoo:

    So now you know why the little piggy will never darken the doorstep of a nail salon ever, ever again.

    Plus, as if I needed more reasons, one of my girlfriends got an infection last year from a nice nail salon at a pretty reputable spa :sick:
  11. Sounds awful, I also am against cutting cuticles, as I have the same trouble as you when they cut them. You are not alone on that.

    Thanks for the recommendation, I will try to find it on line!
  12. I get my acrylic nails fixed every 3 weeks and that´s 73€. Lash extensions also every three weeks for 70€. Facial and light impulse hair removal once a month for 250€. Hair color and trim every 8-10 weeks for about 150€. And Botox every 3 months for 212€.
    Product purchases not included.

    OMG I spend A LOT of money on my personal maintenance :wtf:

    I was a stay-at-home-mom for three years earning very little money. I didn´t spend a dime on myself, I cut and coloured my own hair, did my own nails etc. Now that I´m self-employed and work very very hard I feel like I have every right to pamper myself.

    If I had to cut back the facials would be the last to go.
  13. This is where I get pricy...

    I try to do my own mani's and pedi's (I'm like piggy...terrified of nail salons). I get my hair hi lited and since it's naturally light brown I have to get it touched up every 6-8 weeks. I also get facials every month. I have a massage membership where I get one monthly. I see a chiropractor frequently. I also get my eyebrows done and am starting laser treatments. And I do other spa treatments once in a while (peels, additional massages, etc). And then there is the occasional hair treatment etc.

    I haven't added it up but I'd say without the laser I probably spend almost $500 a month. I could cut out the massages and facials to save but I find my skin looks better with regular facials (I travel a lot and it stresses my skin). I also have noticed that with the regular massages my migraines have improved slightly. So to me the extra pampering is worth it.
  14. I spend almost nothing. I do my own manis/pedis, cut my own hair, and I am lucky enough to not have to maintain body hair (except armpits and private areas). I get my eyebrows done about twice a year.