How much do you spend on handbags?

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  1. uhhh haha i think ive spent $0 for quite some time now. and the most expensive handbag i own is only $50! i think ive refrained from entering the world of owning designer handbags long enough :P

    out of curiosity, what does everyone do (job-wise) that allows you to spend on handbags? i realize some people save in other areas so they can indulge in purses but i think im a fairly savvy shopper and with almost no financial obligations (alright but then my inflow of money is also rather small too :amuse:) and i still find it hard to even make one purchase
  2. Wow, good job! Which Chanel are you getting? :amuse:
  3. i was thinking a medium or large caviar classic flap. i think the large is around $1700 so most likely i'll end up with the medium. hopefully when i have the money they'll have it in white with silvertone hardware! you know....unless something else catches my eye :smile:
  4. Well in the last 30 days I have purchased about 15k in purses, more I think!
    Thomas Wylde sckull bag
    Balenciaga med (at the store) yuk paid full price
    White Classic Balenciaga
    Beige Balencialga Small
    2 Marc Jacobs Stam (Black and Blue)
    Jimmy Choo Ramona
    YSL Muse
    Dior Gaucho Tote (red)
    Dior Gaucho Large (White)

    Damn!!! No wonder I couldn't pay my Mortgage in time!
    Ah! FYI I am an Architectural Woodworker, I have my own shop in BKLYN