How much do you spend on handbags?

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  1. Here are the bags that I purchased: Moni Moni Satchel, Black Kooba Sienna, Black Andrea Brueckner Medium Saddle, and Giorgio Brato hobo. I also bought a Kooba Cognac Chiara, but it is MIA in the photo because I left it at my parent's house.

    I've been eyeing the Botkier Medium Bianco and Hayden Harnett Mercer (White), but thankfully have controlled myself and haven't bought them . . . yet. Let's hope I can remain disciplined!!:Push:

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  2. I just calculated the amount and I literally feel sick. I love my bags but I have zero excuse for spending that much money. NO MORE BAGS FOR ME FOR A LONG TIME!! (unless of course I decide to sell a bag; then I can get one to replace it). That sounds fair, right?

  3. Ooooh . . . what did you get? I'm guessing that the two bags are simply fabulous! :biggrin:
  4. I got a plum LV Le Talentueux and a Balenciaga Purse. I've posted pics on other threads. No more bags for me for awhile ....:shame:
  5. Shoppe: your bags are so lovely!! No need to have a bad conscience.
  6. Shoppegirl, you have great bags! I just got the Sienna, too and it's my favorite of the bags I recently purchased. Did you get yours at the AE sale a little while back? (That was the only way I could rationalize buying mine).
    Also wanted to let you know that if you buy the HH Mercer at, you can get it for $340 (the site offers it at $425, plus you can use the online code "toutie" to get another 20% off). I believe the chalk is on backorder now, but you can check from time to time...

    Ok, back on topic. I spent WAY too much this year so far. I think it's been about $2000 as well. (Sigh)....
  7. I set my limit....
    Each bag should not cost more than 1K except special occasion...hard to live without.

    Total for the year for me not over 5K.

  8. I'm around 2k for my handbag and handbag related purchasing this year. Which is why I promised myself I would take a two month break. It is so hard though and I'm less than a week in. LOL
  9. Thanks, cate22! With your choices and recent spending pattern, you're like my handbag shopping twin!! I did get the bag from AE . . . did you get the black one as well?

    I'm so tempted to get the HH Mercer . . . but so far I'm staying strong! Will keep you guys posted if I give in!!
  10. I'm way behind all of you! But I'm gong to Hawaii in 2 weeks, so I'll let you all know then!!!!!
  11. $1000+ but that's because the Speedy 40 was part of it. The rest is kate spades and Coach on eBay.
  12. So far this year, I bought a Mombasa ($975) and I got a cerise sac plat, but I had a store credit (so $600 out of pocket). But I also bought John Hardy ring for ($1k). I've really reduced my little purchases here and there which were adding up.

    But I'm also trying to save more money.... Maybe no more bags for me until fall? That's going to be hard!
  13. TOO MUCH! :worried:

    I started collecting designer bags in August 2004 (I even remember exactly when :weird:smile:, and this is what my addiction has led me to...



    I just bought an off-white Chloe Paddington and a new Prada wallet which have yet to arrive -- plus I'm saving up for a Birkin, a Monogram Canvas Klara, a white Monogram Multicolore Sologne, and a white Suhali L'Epanoui or Le Fabuleux (I still can't decide between the two). So naturally, I don't want to think of how much I've spent and will spend :shame:.

    Rough estimate, anyone?

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  14. Around $4000 is my estimate, not including gifts. Now saving for a Birkin, but I probably won't get that this year.
  15. OH NO. i've spent $0 as in i've been 3 months without a new purse...i almost bought the small coach scribble hobo but i restrained myself because i know i only want it for collector's purposes....i might get it soon anyways!

    i have $1000 saved towards my chanel though!