How much do you spend on handbags?

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  1. "Entertain my taste buds." Love that description! True, I could be more frugal about food. I have a weakness for sushi... I can seriously eat three tuna or salmon or rainbow rolls, no problem... pricey. :worried: Maybe I should start dating a sushi chef.
  2. AHAHAHA! I completely forgot about sushi. The entire month of Jan., I was addicted to sushi, which is strange because I used to HATE IT! I blame my parents for that though, because they made me eat it and now I can't stay away. Maybe I should restart my love affair with salmon...MmmMMmm. Cooked salmon, on the other hand, is way too dry.
  3. And I don't even want to think about how much I spent on food. My friend just went through her accounts for last summer and she spent over 1500 for food in two months! That blows.

    In my mom's words: You can buy a bag for that!!!
    My dad though: Food is alllllllll good!
  4. Mmm. I can't cook either.

    I've probably spent $1000. But I've also bought clothes.
  5. Ive spent almost $3000....i bought my paddington right after the new year, and then my fendi spy hobo in February...NO MORE!!!!
    The only one Im craving now is the canvas monogram gucci horsebit hobo in dark cute!!!
    Anyone have pics of it??
  6. I spent ca. 2800$ so far on bags but nothing on other cloths because we still have deep winter. I can't wait to buy my first b-bag in April!
  7. I plead the 5th!!!:lol: :lol: :lol:
  8. ^ Agreed.. f-i-f, fifth !
  9. Same here :shame:

  10. That is always my excuse - besides after a long day - takeaway is so easy!!!
  11. OMG no way!!
  12. hehehe, since Jan 06 I've spent over $2000! :smile: its all good!
  13. I keep saying I have to cool it now ..... but I really do .... I mean it now...... I can't even tell you how much .... haven't kept track .... I can tell you I spent over $3,000 on two handbags today alone! Someone stop me .... please.:blink:
  14. NOT going there!
  15. I have spent a lot more in the past than I do now. Too many other things to pay for. My son's education/after school activities, like hockey, golf and skiing have become priority #1.:biggrin: I do still indulge once in a while!