How much do you spend on handbags?

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  1. It's only March and I've already spent almost $2000 on handbags! I shudder to think what my total spending will look like by the end of the year. :worried: Am I going overboard? How much do you guys spend on handbags in a year?
  2. Wow! It's only the beginning of March too, you're a true handbag lovers ;P then again, with the bags we like, $2000 can be on just one handbag!

    I don't think you're going overboard at all. If you have the funds, use it.
  3. I don't spend over $1500 over one handbag.
    YOu've been a good girl so far ShoppeGirl.
  4. Thanks, PursegalSF!! That makes me feel better! But when I look in the closet and see the 5 new bags that I've purchased over the last two months, I think, "Oh my god, what have I done?!" . . . and I've only used one of them so far! The rest are still just sitting there!! I'm not in debt or anything . . . but still, at times I feel like I'm being frivolous with my money. (Sigh) But when I see a great $600 bag on sale for $400, I can't resist! I'm such a sucker for sales. It's horrible. I need to stay away from stores.
  5. That's how I feel sometimes too. What bags did you purchase? I'd like to see :nuts:
  6. I'm ashamed to tell you how much I've spent so far :shame: I'll just say, your $2000 is peanuts compared to my amount :worried: !

    Hi Pursegalsf!
  7. Hi, Pursemama! :biggrin:
  8. As long as you're happy and can afford it, do it :biggrin: I haven't gone too far overboard this year, but I probably will since I'm on the lookout for my birkin@!
  9. i love to spend money!!! let's say that's my hobby, in february i stoped counting how much money i spend on handbags and specially shoes...
    and this month i'm waiting for my cocodrile hermes..
  10. This year thus far I've spent maybe $1000?
  11. I've only spend close to $900 for a new LV Alma, but total spending including shoes, premium jeans and my lovely juicys--about $5000.
  12. ohh new alma! nice :nuts:

    phew, I'm glad we're not including clothes!
  13. Hmm..this year. I spent about $1000 on clothing and leather goods so far. But I also broke the budget on food! I'm eating out way too much. The parentals are still in the dark.
  14. I'm the same way, shu! I do not know how to cook so I always eat out. *shrug*
  15. AHAHAHA! Same! My culinary expertise extends no further than instant noodles. At first I was good about it because I had dorm food, which isn't bad. But in London, it's self-catered, so yeah. Thai, Italian, Anatolian, Greek...I mean what? Haha. Funny how I don't eat out while it's cheap (US), but choose instead to entertain my taste buds when it's expensive.