How much do you spend on groceries per month?

  1. I always have a hard time figuring out what's appropriate, and it seems like when I buy groceries, it's almost as much as just eating out (clearly I'm doing something wrong!).

    I'm a single girl and live alone now... this past month I've spent about $150 on groceries because I'm mostly eaten out (don't wanna add up the cost of that, but it's a luxury that's gotta go!).

    Thanks, ladies. :shrugs:
  2. Hard to compare....

    It's been along time since I was a single gal, so I wish I could get out of the store for $, and I usually go 5-6 times a month. Also, to be honest we don't worry too much over it these days.

    But when times were lean we def. did...I remember when there were days when it was like....hmm...$38 in the checkbook, and payday is 4 days away, and we need to feed 2 kids...and...there is no food in the house, I learned to buy on sale and freeze and mix it up, some of the best stretchers;

    *Buy whole chickens when they are on sale, you can get the as low as .39 cents a pound, about 1.50 ea. You can simmer in a pot of water, then you have cooked chicken and broth. Use the chicken in salad, soup, pasta, rice, etc, Shred and add bar-b-que sauce for sandwhiches....there is no end to how you can use it.

    Rice, potatoes, noodles, veggies all pretty cheap.

    Roman, not the best for you, but for .10 cents great for a stretcher, add in some of your chicken for protien...or crunch the noodles add the seasoning to vinegar and oil, some lettuce and some of your cooked chicken and you have cheapest chicken salad ever.

    Prepared foods have to go on a budget, one of my favorite saying from my mom from that time in my have more time than great advice. No salad in a bag, whole cheese instead of grated, will really add up.

    O, and coupons too...take the time to clip them, a pain, but it can add up!

    Good luck :smile:
  3. Waaay too much!! I swear around $400.00 for two people.
  4. i barely spend any... like probably 100 dollars. but i eat out every lunch and dinners a few times a week. not good :s
  5. Hi Twinkle! Thanks for the boiled chicken tip. Sorry if this is a dumb question, but I am a complete newbie when it comes to cooking. How long do you boil the chicken for?

    Thanks. :flowers:
  6. ^For a whole chicken, it depends on the size of the bird. Once I did a 'Drunken' Chicken Chinese thingy, you need to to boil it for 30 minutes for a 1.5kg bird.

    Just as well that I have just come from the supermarket this evening, so I’m typing out my receipt :smile::

    4 pints organic semi-skimmed Milk 1.63
    1 litre Squeezed Orange/Raspberry Juice 2.89
    2 x 1 litre Squeezed Passion Fruit Juice (from a separate shop) 5.98
    2 x Avocado 2.19
    2 x Ripe Papaya 2.99
    6 x Fair-Trade Bananas 1.29
    4 x Ripe Kiwi 1.99
    2 x 450g of Strawberries 3.58
    2 x 150g of Blueberries 6.98
    2 x 150g of Raspberries 3.98
    2 x Washed Baby Leaf Salad 2.98
    Washed Continental Salad 1.99
    Washed Herb Salad 1.99
    500g Ottolenghi Muesli 8.99
    120g Antipasto Misto 2.99
    70g French Saucisson with Herb de Provence 1.99
    70g Black Forest Sliced Ham 1.99
    70g Spanish Chorizo 1.49
    375ml Caesar Dressing (my indulgence) 2.89
    500 ml Extra Virgin Olive Oil (for my hair, etc. as well) 9.99
    2 x 500 ml Greek Yoghurt 3.38
    140 g Smoked Salmon Sliced 6.99
    250 g Seared Tuna 4.99
    400 g Duck Breast 4.99
    Half Leg Lamb for Sunday (1.5 kg) 14.71
    6x Medium Free Range Eggs 0.95
    2 litres of Diet Coca-Cola (for free iTunes songs only, I promise!)1.36
    100g Chocolate Bar (my weekly ration for Friday after a hard week) 0.99

    I usually only go to the supermarket once a week because I get a bit insecure and jealous if I don’t have someone’s arm to hold on to and my fiancé only wants to come once a week because he has to drag the trolley and carry it to the car. It comes to £107.16 which is $199.93 according to my computer. So $800 for the month and that’s for me for breakfast everyday, four evening meals (sometimes with fiancé) and 1 Sunday lunch with friends (rotation). Actually I’m a bit embarrassed and feel I should cut back!
  7. I am guessing that I spend probably around 450 bucks a month for 2 people--this includes meat like pot roasts, steak, chicken, pork loin, etc. We tend to eat breakfast and dinner at home--not so great about lunches--tend to eat them out more than bringing. I would suggest that you consider doing some crock pot type meals, like pot roasts, stews, soups, pork loin, chili--we always get several meals out of a set of ingredients when I cook this way.
  8. Well, I go with my dad grocery shopping. I still llive in my house thank goodness. Anyways, last week we went to the store, and we bought a lot. We were running low on some things, and let me tell you my dad paid a little bit more than $300. This was everything though, from food, to frozen goodies, to detergent and all that. We go everytime we are low in supplies, or things are on sale.
    Yes, try to shop when things are on sale, sometimes the chickens go so low! Also save coupons, you do save a lot! That is how my sister does, she has 4 kids, so she needs the extra money.
  9. My conservative guess is around 150 USD, for one person. I don't think it's a lot, considering the city I live in.
  10. i would say i spend about 150 euros a month. but thats just on groceries not day to day lunch etc..
  11. i spend probably $400 a month on groceries (for two ppl) but that does not include the detergents and the like.... I am trying to make sure that we have salad regularly and unfortunately, bf will only eat salad when he has all the things that are included when we eat out at restaurants.. he likes cheese, bacon bits, and all the other goodies, they can be costly I swear.. but at least, we save a bit by cooking at home... and yeah, I need to do the coupons too.. I always forget.. hehe
  12. I go to the grocery store maybe twice a month? And spend about $20-50 each time. Half of it goes into the garbage, though because I just can't eat it all! And they don't sell 1/5 a cabbage or 1 strip of beef for a wrap. :sad:

    But I eat out most of the time, it's really bad, I know! I spend about $10 a day on food on average so that's about $300-310/mth + $40-100/mth = $340-410/mth. YIKES!!! :wtf: Keep in mind I live off of $600-900 a month for absolutely everything. :sad:
  13. If you want a good stock from it too....which is great to cook your rice, pasta and veggies in, or to use for soup, you want to simmer rather than boil...about an hour to an hour and a half.
  14. I would say for 2 people NOT including eating out we spend about $150 and that bill goes UP if we are having guests, I mean I invite my bridesmaids over every 2-3 weeks for a HUGE dinner

    We are simple and I am a coupon clipper/bargain buyer except on a few items that I grew up on (Ragu sauce lol)
    We used to spend a fortune and realize our shelves were full and we were still complaining about what to eat.

    Buy a few things at Sams club too.

    I eat a lot less in the Fall and Winter so right about now it's coming to $50 every 2 weeks..ONCE in awhile we stop in at publix for chicken or Sweetbay for cannolis...if i'm feeling in the mood :smile:
  15. I spend about $200/month. I grocery shop every two weeks. I rarely eat out, maybe twice a month. I always bring my lunch to work. It's healthier and keeps me from spending money on top of buying groceries.