How Much Do You Spend Monthly In Louis Vuitton?

  1. I have not really been keeping track, but since October '06, I have spent around 1K (probably more than any 12 year old)
  2. Me too! I don't even want to think about how much I spend!

  3. Hi.. So good to know that I am not alone :crybaby:With 2 kids and other things that have to be dealt with. At least won't feel depressed anymore. I am not alone.
  4. depends on the month. Last month I spent over $8,000 but this month not planning on buying anything.
  5. For me it depends too. I have been on a spree for a while I and I need to cut back. I actually don't spend more than $5K annually on bags because I buy most of them preloved :heart: :p
  6. :balloon:thank you!
  7. While I would love to have a set amount to spend every month, after awhile, I feel that I wouldn't appreciate and love what I was buying because I would be buying just buy and have and collect. I am not a collector. I like to get use out of my things. There are a few bags that I would love to get my hands on right now, but I am happy with what I have right now and look forward to getting more in the future when I can.
  8. I do not want to think about it as it is waaaaaaaaaay too much. :sweatdrop:
  9. I am on a budget too, it's not just spend spend spend here, it's all well thought out, planned etc. I have a child in private school too and we have other responsibilities and priorities too! You are def. not alone!
  10. I don't buy LV on a regular schedule since it is expensive for me. However each year I get a bonus for work if I do well, and the first thing I do is reward myself with a LV, and then I got an unexpected raise 2 wks ago so I ordered another LV. However if I become real obsessed with a certain purse even if it is not bonus time, I will not be able to stop thinking about it and I just say what the heck and order it!

  11. You are most welcome :yes:
  12. Varies month to month, but it's been dwindling lately...not many things I'm dying to have :shrugs:

  13. Agree :yes:

  14. Thank you so very very much. You are an angel :yes:
  15. I don't really want to think about how much I have spent on LV- this yr alone. My favorites are pochettes-so the price is not too high. I probably get a few 'brand new' bags or cles in a year (So far rivet pochette and pomme lex, and damier, groom cles). But LT is my downfall!!! If I could just forget his site and eBay!

    We have no kids, our house is paid for, and DH and I have pretty decent jobs-so LV is my splurge