How Much do You Spend for PCE

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  1. I was curious to see if they give out PCE cards based on total money spent. I'm not looking for a figure, just a rough estimate on how many bags you've purchased.
  2. I spent about $1k at my Coach boutique and I got one.
  3. the last pce I bought one bag and a wristlet. this pce i bought a bag for my mom, a pair of shoes, and a bag for me. now i'm done for awhile!

  4. I bought my first purchases (ever) from Coach 2 months ago, I bought a large flap sig Bleecker (428$) and a Bleecker wallet (198$)....I got a PCE card last week
  5. Do you mean how much have we spent on PCE or how much did we spend to qualify for PCE?

    I got my first PCE invitation in June 07 after buying only one bag from a boutique. I usually buy online, call JAX or through department stores. I've only shopped in the boutique twice and have gotten the last 3 invitations. (not the November one for outlet shppers though)

    As for spending during PCE, my first I bought a bag and a few accessories. My second I bought a few charms and some accessories and this time around I'm getting just acessories again.
  6. it doesn't matter how much you spend. Before September i had only bought wristlets and cell phone charms in the boutique, and I got a PCE. From September til now, I've only bought a large turnlock wristlet, mini skinny, keyfob and perfume in the boutique and I got one again.

    I think my SA's just like me and sent me them because I spend time with them when I am able to go to the store, even if I don't buy, we hit it off and get along great.
  7. Thanks for all of the responses.

    tlloveshim: I was referring to how much you spend to qualify.
  8. OK! Yep, one bag and I got invited! Woohoo!
  9. Somewhat untrue. If you don't have time to make a personal relationship w/ an SA (or youre like me and the boutique nearby seems to have a revolving door for SA's and there are always different people every time you shop!) then the only thing they have to go by if how much you spend. The SA's at my sister's boutique told her yesterday that this PCE was for boutique customers & it was based solely on who spent the most at any one particular coach boutique recently. (For example, she was told that by purchasing from 2 or 3 different stores instead of always going to the same one, you can be hurting your chances of getting a card since it is the individual boutiques, not corporate, who are deciding who gets the PCE). If you were above some limit for whatever time period they were looking at, you got the card. But it can't hurt to have a friend who works in the boutique and puts you on the list regardless of how much you spend.
  10. I spend probably $2k this year :s hopefully it won't get worse since I found this forum.

  11. I commented on your thread about being upset you didn't get one based on how much money you spent, that I don't have ANY time to go to Coach on a regular basis - I live 2 hours away from the closest boutique and usually don't feel like going up after work since I'd still have to drive 2 hours home in the opposite direction. This doesn't lend me much time AT ALL to go hang out with SA's.

    Like I said, it's about being efficient with your time, and if you go in enough to notice that there are different SA's, why not talk to the managers or someone that will remember you?

    I'm not personal friends with any of the SA's but I think they send me PCE's because I know a lot about the company and make an effort on my part to be more than just a consumer.

    And I think the SA's can tell you whatever they want - I've heard from some of my friends that their SA's told them they sent cards out to a list of people that visited the most often, and one of the SA's at my boutique said it goes to the top 10% of Coach customers. Both seem very far apart from one another.

    I really think that the stores get a certain amount of cards, and some go to people that spend a lot of money, some go to people they just like, and others go to a random amount that don't seem to fit either category.

    I don't think there is really rhyme or reason.

    AND it doesn't matter because if you go in and ask most of the time you'll get the discount anyway! You'll always know when PCE is because of the forum, so you'll always be well-equipped to get what you want.
  12. I have only bought 2 bags and 2 wallets at full price this year and I returned one of the bags and exchanged one of the wallets. I got PCE in June without even asking, but I didn't receive a card, I bought a wallet, sunglasses and a Fob.

    Since then I have bought charms and a cell charm at full price, and other 2 bags and agenda and a couple of key fobs with PCE that was given to me by a tPF'er. I returned 1 bag because I bought it sight unseen and I didn't like it.

    Everything thing else I bought was from an outlet or eBay.. and I just recently returned an outlet bag to the boutique for store credit.

    I think I don't get PCE because I don't spend enough in the stores, and I have returned a few things..

    I also shop at 2 stores because they are equal distance away and depending on the direction I am going.. I go to the one in that direction.

    I am trying to get better by not buying things on impulse so I don't end up returning it later. I will get a PCE card next year!

    New Year's Resolution: BUY only the things you love! Buy from the same store!!!
  13. Perhaps that's true in that boutique but in general it has to be untrue because I bought one bag from a boutique in Charlotte, NC (which is a busy boutique) and I got both a phone call and a PCE invitation. Before that I purchased mainly at Macy's and online. My next PCE I got, I hadn't been to a boutique since buying in Charlotte. I set foot in my second boutique in the Mall of America and bought one bag and a wallet and then got a PCE this time around. That's 2 bags in 2 boutiques and 3 PCE invitations. I am firmly convinced that PCE is random!
  14. Before the June PCE I had only made one bag purchase and bought 2 small things from the boutique. That was in 2005. My second and third bags I bought from Macys. In May of 07 I bought the fabric cleaner from coach and then BAM, I got the June PCE. I have since spent a lot (I also found this website in april and have spent way more than I usually do!!!) and got the Sept and Dec PCE. I honestly think it's totally random. There might be some criteria to it but I think for the most part it's random.
  15. For the past year, I have consistently spending around $12-14 hundred. I am not sure if I will buy at all this time around. I have enough handbags and am still on the fence regarding the jewlery.