How much do you put up with HOT but UNCOMFORTABLE shoes?


eat me
Nov 8, 2006
i can't put up with it at all, past like 5 minutes. i figure, if inside i'm in gut-wrenching pain, i'm sure i'm not walking as gracefully or gorgeously as the shoes deserve, and whatever beauty the shoes would've brought to the way i look is cancelled out by whatever unconscious body awkwardness i display due to the pain. :P


clutch ho!
Dec 16, 2005
It depends on what I'll be doing, that is how much sitting I'll get away with. If I'm going to the theater or a dinner party then I'll pretty much put up with anything as most of my time is spent sitting down.


oh so fabuleuse
Oct 13, 2006
I put up with them as much as possible...if it gets to the point that i'm in agony i just take them off when i'm heading home. after clubbin' in vegas as soon as i got to my hotel i was shoeless in the lobby lol


Jan 5, 2006
If I have the option to sit down, I can endure quite a lot. But if I'm walking around, not so much. I once got a pair of new boots, and took them out shopping. They hurt so much I litereally couldn't walk another step, and ended up having to sit down next to a fountain in the city. Then some annoying guy sits down next to me and tries to start a conversation. He was pretty creepy, really, so I told him I had to go meet somone and walked away, nearly in tears because of the pain in my feet. haha.


Feb 7, 2006
I can put up with a lot if I'll be sitting all day, but in general if they're not relatively comfortable, I can't but them. I saw a tdf pair of gucci shoes recently, on an amazing sale for under $100 (orig $600) but I still ended up leaving them on the shelf b/c they weren't quite my size and were killing me. I have to be able to function in them, no matter how beautiful they are.


Jul 5, 2006
I think that putting up with uncomfortable shoes is like when runners are in a long race. Most of my best looking heels start to hurt after a few hours but usually if I just grin and bear it for a little while the pain goes away and I'm OK for the rest of the day or night (or sometimes both in the same heels). Guess it's kind ogf like when runners get that little pain in their side and run through it! Works for me!



Sep 17, 2006
So I wore the shoes I found uncomfortable and have come to this conclusion for myself:
I can wear structurally uncomfortable shoes and stand it if they look good, but in this case, not shoes that dig into my skin and create HUGE blisters!

And that's what happened... they hurt so much. I was wondering which everyone meant though-- structurally uncomfortable or when they dig into you that you are able to stand it?

It motivates me, haha. But I know not to go too far, I'm just saying.