How much do you pay for your designer jeans????

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  1. How much is the most you've spent?
    How much is the least?

    What's a good deal on specific you would not pay more than XXX amount for XXXX designer?

    For me, the most I've spent is $131 on a pair of TR Disco. They were originally $262 so I thought that was AWESOME that I got them half off. BUT, they were my first pair of designer jeans, so now I don't think I'd spend that much.

    I think the only brand I'd spend over $100 on now would be R&R or TRs.

    I have ...
    1 pair of 7FAM I got for $80 at TJMaxx.
    1 pair of Joie I got for $70 at TJMaxx.
    1 pair of Joe's Jeans I got for $65 from

    I'm thinking about a pair of Hudson's right now that would be $75. I wish they were a bit cheaper...but they were regularly $187, so I think that is a pretty good price!

    Anyway....I love talking what are your thoughts????
  2. I spent $180 on Paiges once, but the store had a bogo sale, so I got a free pair of 7FAM with them. Normally, my limit is $100/pair.
  3. I've paid retail once for Seven's, $215.
    The least I've paid is just under $40 for Citizens and Earnest Sewns from Saks this holiday.

    I'll usually only look at anything only if it's under 50%. I bought a pair of R&R recently for $130 down from $344 retail. It really just depends how much I like them. I am a really picky shopper though so I rarely find denim I want to buy.
  4. I get most of my designer denim at Nordstrom Rack. Usually between $70-$100. I would not spend more than $100 for a pair of jeans. The cheapest ones I've gotten have been $60 for 7FAM.
  5. Most I've spent on a pair of jeans was a one shot deal where my DH told me that I could get any outfit that I want....but no handbag/shoes. I am normally a serious bargain shopper, but went all out for my birthday gift, and got a pair of Cavalli jeans and they were very expensive....embarassingly so!! Cheapest jeans....I have tons of those, but probably the Yanuk jeans that I am wearing right now....they were $6.
  6. They have be on sale for me to think about getting them, and most likely I find them at TJM for half the retail. I think the most I've spent is around $70 but they were originally alot more.

    Cheapest I've spent on designer jeans was a pair at a thrift store for a dollar. Basically I'm not too bent up on brands when it comes to jeans since it's such a hit or miss. I'm more concerned if they look good on my ass then if they are designer. What good is a $300 pair of jeans if it doesn't flatter you?
  7. my limit is about $100 too, especially since it costs me extra to get my alterations. i think the most i spent was $110 on a pair of 7FAM and the cheapest was about $70 for JBrand. i refuse to buy jeans unless they're on sale, and now i have too many and not enough closet space!
  8. Most expensive designer - Peoples Liberation for $137 (on sale)
    Least expensive designer - William Rast - $68 (on sale)
    Non designer as low as $10 - if they look good I don't care.
    Lately I've bought jeans at Nordstrom Rack though all under $100. My bf loves William Rast and he got some for $80! But I have over 20 pairs of's a little ridiculous to be honest.
  9. The more I have ever paid was 110 for a pair of TR. They were 50% off. I usually buy my jeans at Off fifth during their 30% off one item events and they only cost 119 - 30%.

    The least I have spent was $40.00 for a pair of A pocket SFAMK at Off fifth.
  10. Years ago, it started at Neiman's with a pair of COH & & 7's at $160. I love R&R's. I've paid over $300 for each pair & I have about 7 pairs now - I love them all. I bought high waisted, wide leg jeans from DVF a couple of years ago that were over $350 - they are such a different cut & fun to wear. I regret not buying a second pair. The most I've ever paid for jeans is for a pair of Dolce & Gabbana; they were over $800.

    I've never really gotten a bargain because it seems like everything I want sells out. At least I don't have to see a pair of jeans I paid full price for on sale :Push:

    I think there's nothing quite like a great pair of jeans - I live in mine. It's hard to try them on, have them fit like a dream & not purchase. I'll try on 30 pairs & go home with one pair that I love :love:
  11. I think the most I paid was between $150 and $200. I have to love the style and know that I can't get it for cheaper to spend that much.
  12. I almost always end up paying retail because of my impatience, and my size tends to go quick. Especially with J brands. The most I've ever paid was 430 (sale price) for a pair of Fendi cropped ankle jeans. The least I've ever paid was 112.50 for a pair of COH skinny jeans.
  13. Besides in HS i don't think i've spent less then 140 on jeans. The last 2 years i only buy jbrand skinnies and those are around 170? I'm a lazy shopper.. i hate trying on new things when i've found something that works really well lol. I wish i could find great bargins like the rest of you though.
  14. i think the most i have paid is about $160 for a pair of citizen's. i usually find nice citizen's, sevens, and joe's jeans at tjmaxx for $80-$100. i mostly stick to citizen's because they tend to fit me better than any other brand. with all the jeans i have found on sale in the last couple years, i wouldn't pay retail (or more than $100) for jeans. but fit is everything, so if a super expensive brand was the only one that fit me well, i would have to readjust and buy them...just fewer pairs.
  15. About $175 (retail) typically for my 7FAMs and TR's. It all depends on style though.
    My mom had gotten me the 7FAM/Great China Wall jeans when they came out a few years ago and I don't remember how much those were, probably close to $300? I rarely wore them though, they had too many embellishments for me.
    But I'm about to give up on 7FAM's, I swear, I get holes in the EXACT same place in EVERY pair I get! My "newest" pair was one I had gotten from Bloomie's about a year and a half ago and rarely wore. I started wearing them more because I've been more into the wide-legs and yesterday, the frayed area near the thigh that was starting to appear actually TORE. So I fixed it myself but I'm getting sick of it. They're so thin due to the process of coloring/wear, it just speeds up the time it takes for them to fall apart.

    I really don't see myself paying retail for these things anymore, if anything, I'll get them at Marshall's or something, or maybe just try another brand. I've never had that problem with TR's.