How much do you pay for dry-cleaning?

  1. I pay about $15 per dress and $5 per pair of pants.

  2. Slacks: $3.50
    Blouse: $4.00
    Sweater: $4.00
    Jacket: $6.00
    Coat: $8.50

    I thought that was a good deal, but apparently there's another dry-cleaner nearby that charges $2 per item!!!
  3. same for me...
  4. Ugh, I think I'm getting ripped off. I brought a winter coat in yesterday (a tweed peacoat) and it cost $24!
  5. Depending on the material, etc., I think prices can vary. $24 for a coat doesn't sound like too much to me.
  6. I pay $2.49 per item. Not sure about coats though...
  7. I pay about $3.50-$6.00 per item on average.
  8. Blimey in the UK you pay about $16 for a cashmere sweater to be cleaned and about the same for trousers
  9. I try to avoid dry cleaning at all costs. With suits I can't avoid it, but things like cashmere sweaters (I have a bunch) I handwash them.

    the chemicals in dry cleaning fluid are actually very, very tough on yoru clothes, so if you can limit the dry cleaning, it's much better for your clothing.

    just my .02.... when I was in HS I worked as a counter girl in at a dry cleaners, so I found out a bit about it!
  10. i feel like i'm being ripped off too. do you guys think that the more expensive dry-cleaners do a better job?? there's a place near my bf's place that charges $1.75 for a shirt, but the storefront looks kinda dirty and old. i can't bring myself to bring my nice clothes there.
  11. ^^^
    I hate hate hate hate to be snotty about dry-cleaners, especially because most of them seem to be mom-and-pop shops -- and I am all about supporting local businesses.

    I'll just put it this way. It's not that the expensive ones are necessarily better. But I would look for a dry-cleaners in a ritzy area that is used to treating delicate fabrics and expensive clothes. Sometimes the cheaper, dingy dry-cleaners are just fine for, say, J.Crew slacks... but I would not bring my Yves Saint Laurent dress there.

    The dry-cleaner I go to is very average. I take my really nice clothes to an expensive cleaners in Gold Coast (Chicago's ritziest neighborhood).
  12. I get 50% off dry cleaning. Blazers are $7.50. Pants are $5. Those are the only things I dry clean regularly.
  13. wow, dry cleaing is expensive here! i pay about $10 for a pair of pants or a sweater
  14. My local cleaners charge about $10 for dresses and suits, tops/pants/skirts are about $5 each, coats are about $15 IIRC. However, when I have a lot of dresses to send in, I use Flat Rate Cleaners (website is their name) and they charge $5/piece for any item of clothing, even coats, with free pickup/delivery. Believe they are NYC area only but they are pretty cheap and efficient. Not sure I'd trust them with really really nice stuff but for the regular stuff it's a good deal
  15. 1.99 a piece. None of my stuff is fancy though or high end. It is normal basics, like suit jackets, cashmere, linen skirts, etc.