how much do you pay a dog sitter

  1. i asked someone to watch my dog she said yes i told her i would pay her she said no . i still want to give her some money how much she is keeping him thursday and friday
  2. he is a 3 pound dog and very sweet
  3. Dog sitters in my area usually charge $40-60 per night.
  4. well its only 1 night and all day friday our vet only charges 13 a night . our puppy is only 10 weeks old so i did not board him found a person from church . she said she did not want any money but i want to give her some in case i need her in for other stuff
  5. Just give her a Target gift card or something so it's not really "money" but a thank you gift.
  6. A $25 gift card would probably be appreciated. Then you could ask her again if you needed too and wouldn't feel like you were taking advantage.
  7. I am a big believer in "you get what you pay for" when it comes to babysitters and pet-sitters. Are you sure this person has experience with a puppy?
  8. Me too. I pay my cat sitter £30 a day for two visits and I know my cats are in safe hands.
  9. Yep...mine is about the same after the exchange rate. For five cats, one dog, two birds....twice per day. She is my vet's assistant, so I know she knows what she is doing.
  10. ^^^^ Mine, too! She's a vet nurse and I trust her totally. Many of my feline family have their special needs and nothing seems to faze her. Seriously, if she put her rates up 100% I'd still think I was getting a deal.
  11. We have friends come in and usually if we give cash it is $100.00 for 5 days or a donation to an organization of their choice or a very fancy dinner if it is someone who absolutely does not want cash.