How much do you miss where you're from?

  1. I miss Canada, especially during fall, when all the beautiful trees are changing colour and it gets a little chilly, enough to wear a sweater. It reminds me of Tim Hortons french vanilla's...I haven't had one in over a year. Hanging out with my girlfriends and finding stuff to do, taking pictures of the trees and windy roads and horses and all of the picturesque things I can find in the country. Even that first silent snowfall...before the snow gets annoying!

    It doesn't look or feel like fall here, not for me.

    What do you miss about your Country or place of birth?
  2. Hmmm ... I don't miss the Primary School - hated the classmates there, they always boss me around; but I DO miss the great anime they show there and the food. They have the BEST food in the world
  3. Winter is about to begin here in Alaska and I am seriously missing the island life of Hawaii. I'd do anything to get a peek of the sun :sad:
  4. I was born and raised in the Philippines. I miss the consistency of the weather (it's either too hot or too cold here!) and the food mostly. LOL. And the exchange rate!
  5. I grew up in upstate NY and I miss the prettiness of fall with the changing leaves. I also miss the mountains and greenness. However, I dont miss winter!

    Mostly I miss being close to my family and all of my friends that I grew up with. I am going home for a visit the end of October for my moms birthday and I cant wait.:yahoo:
  6. I was born and raised in Texas - so there isn't a huge difference in the seasons - but north and west Texas are definately different than where I am in south Texas.

    In collge - in west Texas - it got cooler much earlier. The wind, though irritating at the time, is something I miss. I miss the snow we'd get there. I miss the FUN of college all together I guess. I love to go back to that town and visit old friends, especially when it is getting cooler. I think back to my fun college years there!!!
  7. I was born in Thailand, but lived in Minnesota most of my life... I lived in Madison, Wisconsin for four years when I attended University there.

    I consider the Twin Cities area my home... I think I would miss it here if I moved, but I have considered living elsewhere... but not for another couple years or so.
  8. I have lived in Nebraska for 14 years now, but I have to say that I still miss living in California back in the 80's. My family and I went to Disneyland and Knott's Berry Farm all the time. There was always so much to do. Over here, the nearest Wal-Mart/Mall is an hour away!! LOL!! But it is peacefull here, I have to admit that.
  9. I am originally from Hawai'i myself, but I mostly miss my family there and the good food!
  10. I'm originally from Canada....mostly I miss having perogies at Grandma's house once a month, and I miss fries & gravy at KFC. Ohhh and Gondola pizza. I don't miss the cold!

    From california 9where I lived for about 6 years): I miss In n Out burger, I miss Pismo Beach, I miss my very dear friends Kay & Jerry, I miss Jack in the Box commercials...that's about it.
  11. I miss everything about Taiwan..that you can go out in the middle of the night for a snack, and that there are good resteraunts open that late. I miss the night life..the night market. Most of all I miss the happy times I had there with my friends and my relatives.
  12. I miss England..I miss my friends and family and my mums home cooked meals...I miss old bond road and oxford street....
  13. I was born and raised in Tampa for ALL of my life.....I moved to Huntington Beach over a year ago.....I LOVE Cali....I am currently back in FL visitng and its.....:throwup: :sweatdrop: <<<-----blah & sweaty...

    Been here for TOO long...:yes:
  14. I remembered missing home so much when I was at school in Melbourne.I was there for 7 yrs. Although here in Jakarta is there are too many ppl, dirty, nasty traffic, HOT, etc.. my family and friends are all here, and there's just no place like home.
  15. Don't even get me started on the food! :graucho: Montana's four cheese spinach dip...nobody does it like them! it's the deliciousness. Canadian burger king...veggie burger and mozza sticks -mmmmmm I miss the food alot!