How much do you love your Speedy?

  1. I am thinking of getting the 30, but I would much prefer a shoulder bag of some sort, though I love the spaciousness of the Speedy. So tell me, how much do you love your speedy? Was it worth every cent? Or is there another bag you could recommend? I love the Pap, but I was also thinking of just getting a Pochette (to carry the wallet, phone, gloss and that's it).

    What do you think? I could really use your advice! :smile:

  2. OMG..I got my Speedy 30 (mono) a week and a half ago and I can't let it out of my sight! Granted, it is my first LV but I still think it is the one that I wont be able to live without even after my next purchase! It was DEFINENTLY worth every cent! :yes:
  3. Speedy is a great choice and worth every cent. Granted, I have a Cabas Piano for when I crave a true shoulder bag, but you can't go wrong with a speedy!!
  4. i LOOOVVE my speedies. i have three (MC, Cerises, Mono) and i can't live without them. i haven't used a shoulder bag in a long time...
  5. This is how much I :heart: Speedies!! (see below) heehee!:nuts:


    HTH :yes:
  6. LOL all my LVs are speedies too!
  7. I love the speedies!! I have it in mono and damier.
  8. I really love my speedy and have never for a second regretted purchasing it and I am one of those people who cannot afford to buy many bags so I am chosey with the ones I do purchase. It was worth every cent and is versatile in that it can be carried when your just in jeans or dressed up and it carries A TON... but to be completely honest, I find myself using shoulder bags more as they are even more versatile as your hands are free. Hope this helps.
  9. I use my mono/damier/epi speedies most out of all my bags....except of course when I want to use an awesome shoulder bag, I go for my BH!! :love:
  10. I love my mono Speedy 25 so much. It is definitely worth every penny. I love it even more than some of my more expensive bags. :yes:
  11. I have a Cerises speedy and I never regretted buying it! I love it SOOOO much and it's totally worth it! I wanna start a Speedy collection!
  12. i loooooooooove the speedy too. ive got it in damier and mono
  13. i JUST got my speedy YESTERDAY... that's right, and i have been watching/caring the bag since... hehe ^_^~ trying not to get it dirty... it's BEAUTIFUL... and i'll treasuer it foRever..

    wanted a bigger bag for a long time, finally.. it's perfect@
  14. i loveeeeee my daimer speedy 25, i've been carryin it nonstop since i got it 3 weeks ago.......
  15. I uh.. don't love mine as much as everyone else. I have the PH, the BH and the BV and they all see more action than the speedy does.
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