How much do you love your PURSE?


How much do you like the Purse style?

  1. Love it!

  2. It's ok.

  3. I don't really like it.

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  1. Hi ladies,

    I am planning on getting a Rouge Vif Purse:love: yet have never seen one IRL so I have a few questions:

    How much do you like your purse? Is it a good size for a grad student? Could you be so kind to post pics pls?

    Thanks in advance!:yes:
  2. i love the purse! it has a girly vibe to it, the capacity is about the same as the city, and easily fits over the shoulders. i wish i could have more colors in the purse. i'll try to post a photo.
  3. hi!
    I love my purses so I voted "love it". I also have a rouge vif purse, here's a pic of it with my blue purse.
  4. Not really..just ok, the least loved .
  5. here's a photo of a magenta purse i had. sorry for the bright flash!


  6. love your purses, danae!
  7. Thanks for your responses, ladies!:flowers:

    Odd and Danae, your Purses are STUNNING!:heart:Thanks for posting pics!:yes:
  8. I loved mine at first but now it is the least loved too. I find it totally unflattering on me with its flat/wide shape. I also don't like how it topples over unless it's really packed full. I wouldn't buy another one and when the day comes that I need to sell, she'll be the first to go. That said, I'm not there YET! Mostly because I love her color (blueberry).

    I do love the bag on others though, just not me!
  9. ^^Could you be so kind to post pics wearing it? What do you find unflattering about it?TIA!
  10. omg, magenta!!!!! drool, drool... you don't see this one often!
    marie, did you find the vif purse at a store? where do they still have purses?
  11. Danae,Ixxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx:yes: I don't think they sell Purses in stores anymore, right?
  12. i sent the magenta purse back to bal ny because of a defect. i replaced it w/ a magenta day. :love:

    i'll post a photo of my ink purse if i can capture the color. ink is so hard to photograph accurately.
  13. Sorry to butt in... this is only my second post on here... I don't own a Purse, but I did try them on a few times when Barneys still had them... I honestly think it's not a great style for everyone. Somehow, as much as I've loved it when I see it on other women, its size and shape didn't compliment mine. But in its favour, the drop on the handles was generous and it was roomy while maintaining the curviness of the First.

    So I guess I'm with Glimmer in that it's just not as universally flattering as many of the other Balenciaga styles.
  14. ^^ Could you please be so kind to elaborate on that? Why is it not flattering? Thanks!:yes:

    Danae, this is the one I am getting! I am soooo excited!!:love: :love: :love:

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  15. LOVE the purse, especially in RV. this one is a frequent compliment earner.