How much do you love your Denim Neo Speedy?

  1. The first time I ever walked into an LV store, almost two years ago, this bag was one of the first ones I picked up and played with. At the time I was stunned by the cost (ha probably $300 less than now).

    YET I still think about it! I just might have to go for it. I don't know. Are you in love with yours? Do you carry it every day? What are your thoughts about it?

    I like all three colors, but pink would be awesome.
  2. I have the green neo speedy and I absolutely love it! I wasn't too keen on having a hand-held bag at first, but this one made me really appreciate the hand-held variety. I like all the pockets on the outside and it is very roomy! It's in my bag rotation so I don't carry it every day, but when I do, I usually carry it three or four days at a stretch. I get withdrawal symptoms when I have to change my bags, but like any obsessive LV fanatic, I have to make sure all my bags get their attention. LOL In any case, I look forward to days when I get to take the neo speedy out.

    If you're thinking of getting the fuschia one --- go for it!!
  3. I have the pink one and have carried it ONCE!!! Last Easter to be exact!! It so cute...I guess I just forget about it??!! Im sure one day I will pull it out and be happy its still BRAND new!!
  4. I am in lust with it and I don't even have one.
  5. I am in lust with it too. I am hoping to get one in the very near future. We are thinking about moving and I put all purchases on hold - but now we are putting that off for a year so I may be able to go ahead and splurge a little. I just sometimes have a hard time justifying that much money for denim - but I LOOOOOVE it!
  6. LoL. So am I. I'm thinking about it though.
  7. Haaa, I have the blue and Fushia. I did have the green but returned it because of a defect. But I really love my neo speedy. I honestly haven't been able to use it much since I have so many bags. But I plan to use it more this summer.
  8. I would LOVE to have one! I want the Linchen SO bad and I've been telling my boyfriend about it for a while. I was on his comp. the other day and was about to type in something in the search engine and *BAM* the Neo Speedy pops up in the search history!!!!! :nuts: I wonder if he's getting it for my birthday?? hmm. I hope so!
  9. umm I want one! But I dont want to spend that much money on denim!! its totally not worth it!! my opinion!!!
  10. I like mine, but have only carried it about 2 times, before I got the denim cruise. It got replaced :smile: Acutally thinking about selling it :smile: I like the bigger LV's.
  11. I had one as well and sold it. It was too small for me.....I like the size of the 30.
  12. It is really tempting to me too. Just trying to decide between it in fuschia if I can even find it or getting some type of pomme d'amour bag. I'm just drawn to it.
  13. I got it! I was sure I would never find one in lichen, but LV Union Sq had one in stock, so I figured I should snag it while I can and before the rumored price hike.
  14. ohhhhhhh yay jane!!! congrats!! :nuts: you'll love it!
  15. Jane thats great! I love the size of the neo ( i have the fushcia) , V roomy and has loads of little pockets!!! Im sure it will be one of your favorite bags! xx