How much do you love your Barrette GM?

  1. WOW...I just saw this on eBay and I LOVE THIS!


    What's the retail on these babies?? I haven't seen them in the stores yet but I would definitely love to own's so BEAUTIFUL! :biggrin:

    For Barrette owners, do you ever use yours? Suitable for semi-thick hair? (just to pull back and clip hair at the front half of head.)
  2. nice pic :biggrin:
  3. SO suitable for Chinese New Year :graucho:
  4. Ok nevermind! I called 866 and the GM is $260 :biggrin: Maybe I'll get it when I pick up the scarf...:graucho:
  5. my hair in approximatly 1 and a half inches long and spikey. not a chance.
  6. cute! too bad my hair looks terrible up...
  7. ...and my hair is about 15" from roots to tip! :biggrin:

    I wonder if the GM comes in white....
  8. Lovely! Looks much better than the thin one...
  9. Ooo, so pretty!!
  10. The inclusion barettes are pretty but I would be worried that the inclusion rectangular piece would eventually separate from the metal barette. This has happened to me in the past when I use to buy barettes - I had some really nice ones from Nordstrom from a French company - don't remember the name of the company.
  11. I can imagine myself wearing it to school and letting the cute guy sitting behind me admire all the little gold LV's...:girlsigh:

    or not! :lol:
  12. Lol..they're adorable but I have this thing with the hair accessories..I always feel like I'm going to break them. Hence, my hair cubes rarely, if ever, get worn.
  13. what sweater is that in your avatar LVbabydoll?

    Karman, I am cracking up about the cute guy sitting behind you! If I remember correctly, the barrette so far is only available in red.
  14. Those sure are a lot of LV's. :p
  15. omg, so cute! go for it karman!