How much do you know about your "designer" bag?

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  1. During one of my recent trips to TJ Maxx/Marshall's, I came across a cute Kate Spade bag. I instantly fell in love with it, but the price threw me off a little. The store price was $150 with the "compare price" of $295. As cute as this bag was, it didn't look like a $295 bag or even a $150 bag. I kept thinking it was more like a store brand.

    Well, I used my Red Laser app, scanned the Kate Spade tag and the info came back as Fifth & Pacific Companies.

    I found it interesting to learn a little about my "designer" bag.
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    You might find this article interesting...

    from Forbes: Kate Spade Is A Brand Ready To Boom Around The World

    or these, about Kate Spade New York's Creative Director, Deborah Lloyd...

    from The Coveteur: Deborah Lloyd, President; Creative Director, Kate Spade New York. New York
    from The Huffington Post: A Conversation With Kate Spade's Deborah Lloyd

    Of course... here's Kate Spade on tpf: Kate Spade (but I see that you've already visited ;))

  3. I have an older Kate Spade bag that I love, but the newer ones don't look 'designer' to me.

    Might be psychological in my case - everything I ever bought by Liz Claiborne fell apart quickly - a jacket where a snap fell off the first time I wore it, a bag where the logo plate fell off on the way home and another bag where the zipper broke after a couple of weeks.

    As soon as I heard that KS was owned by LC I stopped liking the KS brand!