How much do you guys thing this purse costs?

  1. It's fake, so no matter what it costs, it's not worth what the buyer paid.
  2. Whoah! How can you tell it's fake just like that?! O__O
  3. I agree, it looks fake:yes: look at the stitching where the handles attach to the buckle...
  4. Look at the cheap lining and the zippers...fake.
  5. To the OP -- why do you ask?
  6. Because I found it in a second hand store for three dollars, and it said "Prada" right on there, and I knew it was an expensive brand. So Maybe i coulda sold it or something.
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  8. fake, someone close this thread?
  9. Fake....$0.01?
  10. I agree with everyone that it's fake. It's really crappy quality. I am by no means a Prada expert, but I was able to tell this one is fake easily. I don't know about you, but I'd be wanting my three dollars back.
  11. the op thought she got a good buy, and three cheers to that! way to keep your eyes open!
    But, yes, it is fake. Im sorry.
    Trying to sell it at this point, knowing it is fake, would get you into trouble.
  12. The inside has that lovely plastic look :yucky:
  13. hahah :p

  14. I'm a dude. <__<
    Killer"studd"345. Also, at first I wanted it as a gift for my girlfriend... but then i realized i could sell it and get her something she WANTS. like Food. I guess im out of luck.

    Thanks for your ladies' help anyway.