How much do you expect to pay for a 2005 reissue?

  1. Is US$2450 too much? It's the black with gold chain size 226. Please advice me :smile:

    Thanks ladies :heart:

    Forgot to mention it's brand new, never been used
  2. its a very limited bag. it also depends on the condition. If its in good condition i would think that the price is ok. It might not be worth it to let it pass you by. They are so hard to find.

    And every time that Chanel raises the prices, so do the resellers. :yucky: So you might want to get it now.

    Good luck
  3. hm they had relaunched the black with gold hw reissue in 2007, i got one and was quoted USD2450 by the Hawaii boutique too, so I dun think it's too much to pay for a limited edition 2005 one. i actually paid more for mine (also size 226) cos i eventually bought it in Singapore, so depends on how much you want it! alternatively u can try hunting for the 2007 version, which came out in July this year i think...
  4. ^ Hi! Do you think the 2007 Black with gold HW version has the same leather with 2005 Black Anniversary reissue? considering they're both distressed...thanks.
  5. ^ yeah, they are exactly the same except that the anni. edition has the 2.55 - 2005 imprint on the inner flap where the huge CC logo is and the Chanel Made in France print in gold is not above the 2 interior pockets but on the other side of the bag.
  6. ^ thanks for your input:flowers: i really like the Anniversary reissue in 226/227:love: But if they're just the same with 07 then i think i'll get the 07 since it's the newer version. If i'm not mistaken, i think i've seen a picture of you with your 227. Im just not sure if it's a 2005 or 2007? It really looks Fabulous on you! Your picture made me want the 227:nuts:
  7. ^ yes you're right! i do have one in size 227, mine's the 07A version (i came across the anni. reissues last year in paris but i refused to buy them because they were stacked up in the store! yikes! how could you do that to a bag!), it's actually the same. people would pay slightly more for the anni. edition though, imo.

  8. It's the laws of supply & demand that set the price!
  9. I've seen 2007 version, it seems like the leather lining is not as dark red as 2005 version. Maybe this is not important to you.
  10. I also own the 07A black w/gold hardware version in a size 226 retail for $2350 plus my local tax total of $2532, and the interior maroon leather linning is the same color as my 05' version (diff.color). Hope this helps!
  11. thegraceful1, how dark is your bags' lining? I didn't see 2005 version IRL. Only from photos on eBay auctions listed by theartofacquisition and personalshoppers. From those photos, the lining color of 2005 is very dark, similar to lining of black lambskin classic. I didn't buy 2007 because it's not as dark as I expect. So I go for medium lambskin instead.
  12. It's prob. a tiny bit darker or same as your lambskin interior bag.
    I have both the 2007A and 2005A (I have alot of photos of this bag in the other place that you've mentioned-both with and without flash) and the interior are same shade of maroon- I had to compared them side by side after you had made that comment, so my "investigation" went as stated.:graucho:
  13. Maybe there are different lining versions out there on reissues. But I've seen 2007 IRL, I am pretty sure lining color of 2007 black reissue, (the one I saw), is not the same as lining color of black lambskin classic. I could say it's red not dark red as in black lambskin. :hrmm:
  14. maybe, but I know for a FACT (as I have them both sitting infront of me) that the 2007A reissue w/gold hardware has the same maroon color linning as the 2005A reissue, and with that "investigation" is closed.

  15. I agree. They are the same. And I think its wiser to trust YOUR judgement since you actually have them both and are not trying to go off your memory on something that you saw one time in a store :p:flowers:

    The other member likes to be contrary anyway. I've seen it time and time again in other posts. But I guess we're all entitled to our own opinions.

    That's my two cents