how much do u love your black b bags?

  1. i thought i would never never ever bought a black b bag!
    because i thought, b bags is all about the colour, and i can find a lot of great black bags where it's hard to find a great coloured bags!

    but when i found the perfect black b bag in city, i was thrilled.
    i mean there's so many reasons everyone should get a black b bag:

    • it's classic
    • you don't have to worry about dirtying the handles
    • you don't have to worry about discoloration
    • it'll match all your outfits
    • it's sooo subtle, that my bf even don't recognize that i bought a new b bag :p
    he would recognize it in a minute if i bought the coloured one.

    so, share me your love of your black b bag!! :yahoo:
  2. • it's sooo subtle, that my bf even don't recognize that i bought a new b bag
    he would recognize it in a minute if i bought the coloured one.

    ^^ :roflmfao: Hey, good idea!! Maybe you could even get more than one black Bbag in different styles ?!

  3. actually i did ha ha ha.... he didn't recognize my black satin clutch when i got that before i found this city :roflmfao:
  4. I love Bbags in Black. They're so classic! For me it's always a debate when I want a new style - choose a color, or go with black?
  5. I adore my black bag. I always had a rule: if you really like something, clothing - shoes - bags - whatever, buy two. One in a color and one in black.
  6. All Bbags I own are black... I just love 'em! Chic and cool and just fab. I have accepted the fact that I am a mere admirer of Bbag colors.

    p.s. As if I don't have enough black purses, I also have a black Chanel Caviar Classic Flap and a black Fendi Spy. Must be my lucky color.
  7. I love black balenciaga! and and I think its a keeper because its a basic color which can match any outfit :smile:
  8. I love my black box, it's a very well rounded bbag, I'd kinda like a city one day but I feel I have what I want out of my box......I also have a black accessory pouch that I like to use as a clutch.
  9. I LOVE my black City. I wear a lot of black and neutrals so I wear it ALL the time!
  10. I just got my black City. I love it!
  11. I haven't gone into bbag black yet... just colour plus my Ink is working as my staple.. but I am definitely holding out for a very special black first! I'll start hunting one down with silver or pewter hardware real serious once my purse ban is done!

    I also love your black satin clutch sea!!!
  12. sea, i lovvvvvvvvvvvvvvve all my bbags including the blacks. the leather on black first s/s03 long strap is just the smmmmmmmmmmmooooshiest!:love: not to mention the silever hardware..... it beats the feel of my flat brass first....i took some pix to post but the camera i used is not a sophisticated as aaa's so i didnt capture the detail...:heart: but the smoooooooooooshy feel!:heart:
  13. I LOVE this rule!!!:yahoo:
  14. I also love JoV's rule!! Wish I could afford it!!!

    I have noticed that when I want to try new styles I tend to get them in black. My first bbag was a black twiggy. I have since decided that I don't like thev twiggy but the leather on that bag ( precollection s/s 05) is just so divine that I keep it just to feel the leather... Need to sell it soon though... :sad:
    Last December I also bought a black mini bowler in black. It was very cute but still not for me.
    I have decided that now what I really really want is a black city and later on a black first.
    Ugh I need to sell some stuff!!!! LOL! My b-list gets bigger every day!
  15. :yes: My next bbag purchase (after I survive my purse ban!!!) will be a 07 black first or black city! now, which one to get...that is the question! :p

    Oh btw, CONGRATS on ur perfect black bbag!!!, seahorse...:flowers: