How much do small chevre hobos cost?

  1. I have been using my small red chevre hobo that I won on eBay (obviously in a different auction), and I love the form factor & design. I'm now lusting after one in ebano. :drool: But I don't actually know how much they cost. The auction that I won said that it normally retails for $1100, but a more recent auction lists the price as $1700. :shrugs: So how much do they really cost?

    I'm hoping to find one during the Saks sale (as described in a different thread) in late May. :graucho:
  2. This is from the Zig Zag collection (hence the stitching down the middle) Not sure the original retail, but it was selling not too long ago for around $550 in the outlet stores, if I remember correctly. One (Woodbury, I think) had it in white, and the other in Ca. had it in this red. It's a very pretty bag! It also came in a version with a braided handle, although I haven't seen that anywhere for awhile, and it definitely retailed for more.
  3. But the non-zigzag version with the braided handle is part of the standard classic line, correct? I swore that I've seen it in store windows recently....