How much do Silk Scarves usually cost at the Outlets?

  1. I dont get out there often enough and I dont feel like going all the way out there just to check prices, so I thought I'd ask you guys. How much do silk scarves usually sell for at the outlets?
  2. When I went a few months ago, I bought my aunt a scarf with multicolored hangtags all over it for $25. It was an actual product made for the retail stores and not a straight-to-outlets peice. For about the same price they had the direct-to-outlets logo scarves in grey, pink, and green. These were the smaller scarves though- they had some gorgeous larger dark brown w/ gold scarves with the Coach C's interlaced with flowers- orig retail said $60, they were going fro about $40. Hope that helps!
  3. I went to the outlet on Memorial Day and I saw some for about 20-30$.
  4. oh drool-drool-those are good prices
  5. Last time I went I bought a signature scarf for $15!!! I was so excited!
  6. I got a scarf for my stepmom for mother's day for $15 I think...most of them are between $20-$30 as stated.

    Nishi, you would love the Coach outlets!! Do you have any near you?
  7. I live in Brooklyn NY and the closest one to me is I guess Woodbury Commons (there is on at Riverhead LI too-but that is further away) which is probably about an hour away-maybe a little bit more-not sure. Besides the fact that my husband refuses to take me to one-LOL!
  8. Those are great prices! Okay, maybe I can find some time this weekend to get out there (I'll PM you Nishi!). I really want a tan/brown silk scarf to tie on my head or on the handles of my satchel :heart:

    Thank you so much guys for posting!!
  9. :love::love::love::love::love::love::love: