How much do SAs make? Any one know?

  1. Im going to be moving to Atlanta in mid-summer and am considering applying at LV at Phipps Plaza. Does anyone here know how much the SAs make, like their commisions, hourly, etc.

    I have a BIG history in high end retail and have worked for Saks in the past so I don't see getting the job an issue, plus, being a member on here has MAJORLY up'd my LV knowledge.

    Thanks for any insight : )
  2. I'm not sure, but I'm guessing not much at all.
  3. I used to think so also, but usually higher end retailers pay high $$$ to get people with the most experience and personality and class, etc.
  4. at least 14$US, no commission
  5. Oh that's not much at all. I guess that's out of the question. I thought it'd me significantly more than that.

    I think I'll stick to bartending.
  6. That's what I was thinking as well. Now-a-days, you usually have to make $85+ an hour at the very least to be prepared.
  7. If you wanna make money, there are LOTS of 'better' jobs than being SAs. High class "courtesans" are a starter...;)
  8. in houston: $13/hr+, no commission
  9. They don't get a commission here at all.
  10. I hope they get a huge employee discount. Otherwise, you can't buy LV at that salary... unless it's a 2nd income and their spouse makes the money or they are young/student and still live at home.
  11. If you were rich enough, it would be nice to be one just so you can stare at the LVs all day haha
  12. They do get a pretty good discount. Although they don't make commission, they do get bonuses. The only thing bad about being an SA is if you like LE items. You have to wait 6 months after release before you can get the bag.
  13. im confused. prepared for what?
  14. Prepared to make payments, buy luxury items for yourself, invest and live worry-free.
  15. i know for a fact they get 30% off. depending on the city, i'd guess they make $15-17 per hour.