how much do playground campeggio's sell for?

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  1. i'm just wondering because i don't really like mine that much and it's brand new used 1x that i recently bought off ebay. i'm wondering how much they go for these days?
  2. aww, you don't like it? :[ that's a bummer..

    sorry i'm not much help but i hope you'll get rid of it soon so you can get something you DO like! :balloon: (or save LOL)
  3. yeah i also got the paradiso campeggio and its just so much more fun and bright. and plus i have a mac cosmetics addiction lol and they have new stuff coming out so i need the cash. hhaha :biggrin:
  4. not really sure either. do you have original or one of the darker playground prints? i love the originaly but i do find the olive and black somewhat busy and dark. i keep trolling ebay for the original tan prints. wish the outlets still had them.
  5. the original tan prints are going for as high as 200 in that style.
  6. awesome thanks!
  7. yes it is the tan playground. it's so pretty!

  8. no problem!
  9. Oh man! & you know you beat me in the auction for that bag & I love it!! pffff....
  10. really? lol
    sorry when i bid there was only 2 hours left so i did not thinking i'd win. actually i did get outbid but the person retracted it and i won.
  11. haha! it's ok because I ended up winning a playground bella for $105 on evilbay so I'm happy :biggrin:
  12. nason - omg I envy you!! You got a playground bella for only $105?! I got one off eBay too but I paid so flippin much for it that it hurts me to even type out the price. With the 2 bags I returned the other day and the 1 that I'm returning today ... it'll pay for that one bag ... lol
  13. yeah it was a BIN or best offer auction, & she accepted my first offer of $105, must have wanted to get rid of it :smile:
  14. lucky you! congrats :biggrin: