how much do manis/pedis cost in your area?

  1. Since it's summer, I've been obsessed with getting a mani/pedi every two weeks, but prices are getting ridiculous here in DC! I remember once I used to pay $25, but now even the worst nail salons charge $40, and after you pay tip, it's like you're paying almost $50! It's just ridiculous.
  2. I pay 25 but I think my salon is less than sanitary so I either have to make a choice to not go there anymore (or bring my own tools)....or find a salon that charges a whole lot more who might not even be any more sanitary than the first. I'm just so torn.
  3. 30$ + tip
    I go to the smaller overshadowed salons for the price.
  4. about 40 if I choose french pedicure plus tip. 35 mani and spa pedicure. I always tip 5.
  5. $25 for a spa chair pedi - its a really clean and relaxing environment as well.

    I have acrylics on my nails, so a mani is higher - so usually costs $25 for fills plus french.
  6. The cheap place near me is about $15. The spa down the road is about $50 which includes aromatherapy, leg massage, paraffin the whole bit.
  7. I never get regular manis, only a french fill, which is $38 I believe. When I get a buff and polish it's $23. A pedi is $50. I go to a spa, not a nail place in the mall.
  8. $30 for regular mani and french pedi...clean, sanitary salon, massage chairs and nice, long leg massage during pedi!!
  9. I pay $30 for a spa pedi, they do a body scrub on my feet & legs and they put a moisture mask on my feet and everything, Its soooooo nice!!! I add $12 for a mani...
  10. It's about 30 bucks here. As the cheapest.
  11. My salon charges $25 for mani/pedi combo.
  12. About $40 for mani + pedi
  13. Around $15 for a pedi & $40 for acrylic nails + $6 tip
  14. 18$ + tip;)
  15. In a luxury salon in South Miami, I pay $21.00 for a regular mani (french is more but I don't like french) I pay $45.00 for a spa pedi in a massage chair (very thorough) beautiful work all around.